It's All True

Studio Album by released in 2011
It's All True's tracklist:
Itchy Fingers
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You'll Improve Me
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A Truly Happy Ending
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The Reservoir
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Second Chance
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Kick the Can
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Banana Ripple
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It's All True review

The sound that Junior Boys has been striving for from the very beginning

Last October the Canadian electronic duo Junior Boys has announced on its Facebook page that its new album was almost ready. It had no title at that time, but the fans were already anticipating a success. The thing is that despite the numerous obstacles immediately after its forming and the following line-up change the duo today consisting of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus is one of the most successful electronic genre representatives, and the remixes of its hits never cease to be played at night clubs. Precisely sticking to two year intervals between the albums – 2007 saw the release of Last Exit, and Begone Dull Care was released in 2009 – the talented musicians release It’s All True this summer once again giving the listeners a great deal of positive impressions. If the previous work was a little bit fantastic and based upon a short animated film, the new record is quite close to the reality dealing with relationships, thoughts and ideas of life and people and simply having fun. Yet the main merit of It’s All True undoubtedly is the sound, the one that Junior Boys has been striving for from the very beginning but found only now, on its fourth creation, the most interesting, varied and harmonious of all.

It’s All True is significantly different from the previous recording

In its form the album It’s All True corresponds to the formula on which the previous record was based: not more than ten tracks, lasting all in all about fifty minutes. Yet in its content it is significantly different which can be heard from the very first sounds of the opener Itchy Fingers with many layered bass, a dropping beat, Greenspan’s faultless vocals reminding of young George Michael, and a major, slightly playful tune of the synthesizers. Perhaps it is one of the lightest and unobtrusive numbers ever mastered by Junior Boys. A completely different story is the almost seven minute long composition Playtime, measured, drifting slowly above the small waves of splendid synthesizers and soft vocals. That 1980s’ tunes note that fans once appreciated on the duo’s first albums is shining in its most vivid colors on You'll Improve Me, close to be danceable track. The compositions Truly Happy Ending and The Reservoir find themselves among the most sophisticated numbers in the band’s repertoire, with their broken rhythm, sounding in the several layers of beats and Jeremy’s amazing vocals passing to a wonderful falsetto. The song Kick the Can will surely prove to be one of those to be turned into a remix for it already has the potentials of a dance track, with the classy audio effects, and the track called ‘ep’ conquers with the protagonist’s strong emotions who is crazily in love. The longest number Banana Ripple, over nine minutes long, closes the album on an optimistic dance note, it is another contender to becoming a popular piece on dance floors filling them with a great summer feel.

Jeremy Greenspan’s vocals have never sounded so spectacular and emotional

It is no secret for anyone that any genre, in fact, allows one to fantasize and adapt various other styles’ elements within it, but the electronic genre is one of those that gives one most freedom in this respect. That is why Junior Boys’ music has been interesting from the very beginning for its richness and track-to-track changeability, but these talented guys have outdone themselves with the album It’s All True. You can find all the boldness and self-confidence of the previous recordings as well as the wonderfully beautiful and complete combinations of vocals and instruments such as guitar and synthesizer with all of its potentials. Plus, one can say without risking to exaggerate that Jeremy Greenspan’s vocals have never sounded so spectacular and emotional as they do on It’s All True, which indeed makes the album stand out against other works. There are practically no pauses between the tracks, as it was on Begone Dull Care, too, that is the album is recorded as a one fifty minute long electronic set. Yet each track is remarkable for its own mood, tempo, message: some tunes invite you to dance like a robot, others make you relax and have some rest. On the whole, now, when the electronic duo Junior Boys has recorded the best album in its discography we can expect more new masterpieces of the kind since this music will always be interesting and in demand.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (13.07.2011)
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