Studio Album by released in 2008
Revelation's tracklist:
Never Walk Away
Like a Sunshower
Change for the Better
Wildest Dream
Faith in the Heartland
After All These Years
Where Did I Lose Your Love
What I Needed
What It Takes to Win
Turn Down the World Tonight
The Journey (Revelation)
Only the Young
Don't Stop Believin'
Wheel in the Sky
Any Way You Want It
Who's Crying Now
Separate Ways
Open Arms
Be Good to Yourself
Stone in Love

Revelation review

Journey got a new soloist again

It is no secret that the lineup of the wonderful American rock band Journey saw many substitutes. Moreover, the band had many soloists, managing to stay on the top in spite of this. However, the Journey lineup is modified again. In 2006, the that-time official soloist Steve Augery, with whom Journey recorded their magnificent disc Generations, was diagnosed the throat infection - as the result, he could not tour with the collective. At first, Journey used the pre-tour records of Augery vocals, but concluded that it was no decision and hired Scott Sotto from Talisman as the substitute for Augery. Anyway, it was only the beginning as Sotto got the status the new Journey frontman in December 2006. However, in early 2007 the musicians announced that the place of the lead vocalist is vacant again. Guitarist Neal Schon from Journey found the new vocalist by accident - in the Net, he saw videos, where Philippine singer Arnel Pineda sang covers for the Journey tracks. For that moment, Pineda was the member of the cover band The Zoo, but he gladly agreed to join Journey, when Schon found him and proposed cooperation. Thus, in 2008, the collective recorded the Revelation album with Pineda as the lead vocalist.

Revelation: old hits and new songs

Revelation is a double album. The first part has new brilliant compositions by Journey, while the second one features the timeless hits - but re-recorded by the new lineup. The extremely melodic vocals by Arnel Pineda gave the famous tracks by Journey the new, unexpected sound, which undoubtedly refreshed the songs. The high-spirited song Never Walk Away in the style of 80's opens the disc with the energetic drums. The streaming track Change For The Better is sure to be remembered for its opening guitar solo, while the Wildest Dream song demonstrates the astonishing, penetrating guitar improvisation at the end. The lyrical composition After All These Years ideally fits Pineda's vocals - his voice on this ballad sounds especially piercing and touching. The dramatic tune Where Did I Lose Your Love strikes with its deep lyrics on the theme of lost love. What I Needed is one more excellent speedy melody, on which Schon recommended himself as the experienced guitarist. The philosophic composition What It Takes To Win will not just satisfy your aesthetic feeling, but also give food for brains. The romantic track Turn Down The World Tonight with the touch of decadence is followed by the album closer, the last fresh band's work - The Journey (Revelation). This wonderful instrumental track features East motifs and is a real musical journey for the listener. Well, the old hits by Journey speak for themselves.

The devoted veterans of the rock scene

It is amazing, how Journey, the lineup of which changes from album to album, managed to create in their style during all these years, stay recognizable and regularly reach the top of the charts. In fact, the initial lineup, which included several former Santana members, left the band a long time ago. Journey was not distressed even by the frontman choice problem, which regularly emerged for more than three decades. Besides, the artists are loved and appreciated by the fans in the USA and all over the world. Any critics of the band were taken in consideration by Journey at the process of the new record creation, and in result the collective strikes with its professionalism on the Revelation album. The musical progression of Journey can be also seen on the account of the sails. Son after its release, Revelation hit the sails rate of the previous full-length Generations and easily got the gold certification. By the way, the disc was issued only about a month ago. It is obvious that the success of Revelation also depends on the cooperation of Journey with Kevin Shirley - he worked with the band earlier on their platinum disc Trial By Fire (1996) and the Arrival long-play in 2000. Besides, during the support tour for Revelation around Europe, Journey were pleasantly surprised, when before one of the concerts Jimmy Page approached them and praised Schon's play and shows by the collective. Well, Journey had different moments in their career - rises and falls - but for now, they are definitely on the top.

Ninelle Kazakoff (15.07.2008)
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