Studio Album by released in 2009
Battlefield's tracklist:
Walking on Snow
Don't Let It Go to Your Head
S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)
It Takes More
Watch You Go
No Parade
Let It Rain
Emergency (911)
Was I the Only One
The Cure

Battlefield review

Jordin Sparks goes on her creative path

Today Jordin Sparks is a true symbol of the lost ideals of pureness and innocence remaining natural and faithful to her views among her peers and older colleagues striving for outdoing each other in sexuality. Her songs on the eponymous debut album were just sparkling with honesty and even a slight naivety which made the work suitable for all generations. Nobody was surprised at the fact that the record became a sales hit all around the globe for Sparks has chosen the territory which is not only her closest but also the most optimal if not save for an American Idol winner. Participating in a number of tours, opening several American football games performing the National Anthem of the USA and receiving congratulations from George W. Bush the singer has not turned into a cynical high society lioness but goes on her creative path. This year her much anticipated sophomore effort called Battlefield is released. The record differs from the debut with a larger number of danceable and R&B-tracks, brighter production and certainly the improved performance of the singer herself whose professional growth is obvious.

It is worth while listening to Battlefield more than once

The authors and producers who have worked on the debut have also contributed to Battlefield as well as such renowned music industry representatives as Stargate, T-Pain, Dr. Luke, Max Martin and some others. Jordin herself has been really pleased to work with them and especially with Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), who has written the album’s title song that has become the first single and the one to shoot a video on. It goes without saying it is not the only powerful moment on the record and it is worth while listening to it more than once to appreciate all the songs as they deserve. For instance, the first one Walking On Snow, a mid-tempo pop melody, is remarkable for beautiful lyrics and a great instrumental background. Yet the single Battlefield demonstrates a different Jordin who has learnt the bitterness of offence and quarrels and understood that there can be hardships in love and in life in general – the singer likes the song because it teaches to be prepared for difficulties. A most beautiful piano ballad Don't Let It Go To Your Head, meant to support everyone in trouble contrasts with a more easy-going danceable composition S.O.S. (Let The Music Play). One of the highlights here is the ballad It Takes More with its memorable tune and smart lyrics while a little more emotional No Parade is no less impressive. Another strong R&B-composition Let It Rain proves to be the most optimistic on the album continuing the theme of Battlefield in a way but stating that there is a way out from any situation. Kelly Clarkson-style pop-rock appears on Emergency (911), another danceable number whereas an acoustic guitar and fiddles refine a sensual ballad Was I The Only One. The song Faith written by Jordin herself is also included on the album which cannot but please and the closer is another R&B-song Postcard with a fashionable production.

A real talent and the embodiment of the best human qualities

The more one listens to Jordin Sparks’ songs the more agrees with the American Idol jury’s decision to give her the first place – this girl has got talent in combination with an uncommon working efficiency, and she deserves that the best professionals collaborate with her. Recently the singer got to hospital with a serious vocal chord injury but luckily the worst did not happen and she got to work on Battlefield with even more enthusiasm. More than 30 songs have been written for the album and only 14 have made it to the final cut with four being penned by the singer herself. Today Jordin who is not yet 20 years old has several prestigious awards won, last year her own clothes line was launched, and she is seriously considering working in the movie industry. A real talent and the embodiment of the best human qualities Jordin Sparks is sure to reach the top of fame and share her happiness with everyone who enjoys good, kind and well-done pop-music. The record Battlefield is definitely a worthy continuation of the debut and we can expect more pleasant surprises in future such as duets of which Jordin Sparks is long thinking of.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (30.07.2009)
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