Jonas Brothers

Studio Album by released in 2007
Jonas Brothers's tracklist:
Hold On
Goodnight and Goodbye
That's Just the Way We Roll
Hello Beautiful
Still in Love With You
When You Look Me in the Eyes
Just Friends
Year 3000
Kids of the Future
Baby Bottle Pop Theme Song

Jonas Brothers review

One more firm step up the ladder of glory

This teenage rock band from New Jersey, USA, was started as the solo project of only one Jonas brother - Nick. But the sagacious recording company Columbia Records learned out, that he had two talented brothers (Kevin and Joe), and they were quickly added to the project. Like the fathers of honoured the Jackson 5 and Beyonce, the Jonas Brothers father believed, that his children are doomed to fame, and became the manager of the band, taking all the responsibility for the record deals on his shoulders. That was the way Jonas Brothers began and released their debut album It's About Time in 2006. They switched to the famous Hollywood Records and on August, 7, 2007 the creative teeagers amuzed rock fans all over the world by their second work Jonas Brothers, which became a hit immediately. Young musitians are not afraid to discover other sides of their genuises - in 2008 a fictional series J.O.N.A.S! starring cute guys is planned to debut on the famous Disney Channel, that brought to the public such celebrities, like Spears, Aguilera and Timberlake - no doubt, the band chose the right way to the success!

Songs about teenage problems

It should be noticed beforehand, that this album differs from the previous one not only in higher quality, but also in sound. All three Jonas Brothers became older - and this fact exerted an extremely favourable influence on their vocals. This pleasant surprise strikes the listeners on the album opener S.O.S., energetic hit about private teenagers' problems, so close and familiar to everyone. Very rocky Hold On continues the theme of troubled times, but it is full of strong belief in overcoming all difficulties. Hollywood is filled with piercing teenage protest, in this track Jonas Brothers sing with deep sencerity, that they will be never swayed by pop culture. The most memorable song is, possilby, Goodnight and Goodbye, an unbelievably original guitar composition about uneasy personal relations of awkward age. It firmly proves that seven notes are quite enough for real musitians to write hits, which could be envied by older colleagues. Two tender and emotional rock-ballads Hello Beautiful and When You Look Me in the Eyes have the power to melt any girl's heart by lovely melodies and passionate vocals.

Jonas Brothers: young band with a huge potential

At least 50 per cent of the Jonas Brothers' tracks are sure to become popular. It is hard to believe, that such a brilliant album was written by three teens, the older of whom is only 19. But it is true. It is aslo true, that this huge progress was made only in a year - although Jonas Brothers' first album, even by the modest merits, was good. The quality of the second creation definitely impresses. One can easily notice, that guys became mature both in vocal and instrumental profiles. The sound is harder, than the one in It's About Time. Of cause, their lyrics is respectively simple, but it is no ways primitive, and every song on the album has a message (by the way, can all singers boast of it?). Some people say they are the new Hanson. It is resonable, but only in terms of popularity and cuteness of the band's members. Jonas Brothers are creative and full of fresh ideas, after listening to their second album one can only wish them a long musical career with lots of similar songs to amuse the listeners for many years.

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