Studio Album by released in 2010
Invented's tracklist:
Heart Is Hard to Find
My Best Theory
Higher Devotion
Coffee and Cigarettes
Action Needs an Audience

Invented review

Jimmy Eat World still sing about the dark side of love

Since times immemorial people have been singing songs about broken hearts, unrequited love and bitter breakups; and they seem to carry on like this as long as such an unexplainable and complex phenomenon as love exists among us. The American band Jimmy Eat World has been doing songs about how bad it can be when there something wrong in your heart-and-love business. Thank to restless labor of such mournful rockers, the emo-rock definition no longer denotes some underground and rebellious cultural trend, but a massive phenomenon that has embraced the entire public, from the young to the old. Those who are older tend to bring back to life their recollections about the long gone times of beautiful love, while kids miss the deepness of feelings and long for untold passions. Although many try hard to express their disgust when they hear the word emo and say they have nothing to do with this music, the stats figures reflect quite the opposite: emo-rock is marching tall and big to conquer the new markets and captivate the hearts of new listeners. Musicians also might talk about playing something other than emo, but they really fail to prove this to experts and experienced music lovers. Jimmy Eat World do not even try to prove anything to anybody, but they keep making music they have always made.

Least rock-n-roll and most melancholy

Invented is kicked off with a sweet and tuneful track called Heart Is Hard To Find, one that stands out for nice acoustic guitar play and double-line vocals. It is followed by By Best Theory, the wisely chosen single. It has got a very good chorus, which is the main attraction for average listeners who are not very picky. These songs are much softer that energetic Coffee And Cigarettes, and Action Needs An Audience. The vocalist Jim Adkins disliked the latter and almost had the band eliminate it off the final version of the track-list. However, the guitarist Tom Linton insisted on releasing the album with this song included. However, if Jimmy Eat World would easily get lost in the multitudes of other bands if they only played tracks like these two where everything is good, but there is no anything peculiar. The peculiar things were saved for the closing part of the record, the title Invented, and Mixtape. The former is an epic and gran, while the latter is only a little bit shorter and may send you into a sweet oblivion with its weeping keys and glass-like fragile vocals.

Well-thought-through Invented album

To record their sixth album, Invented, the Jimmy Eat World members reunited their efforts with the producer Mark Trombino. This specialist helped them make Clarity (1999), and Bleed American (2000). The musicians recorded the music material right in their Arizona-based studio and then sent it to California for Mike to process and finish it. Having as much time as they wanted while working in their studio, the rockers executed everything until it sounded they way they preferred, which made the instrumental aspect a practically flawless part. Adkins did his section of job just as well having penned a story for the whole record. A great fan and connoisseur of photography, he selected two of his favorite pictures and created a lyrical concept based on the impressions these pictures had given him. Generally speaking, Invented produces a more delicate and melancholic sound if compared with the previous effort, Chase This Light (2007). The band applied a great deal of acoustic guitar here and slowed down the total tempo to make the audience pay attention to the words again. This is a very important aspect for any emo-rock performer; and Jimmy Eat World are the legends of emo-rock.

Alex Bartholomew (04.10.2010)
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