Studio Album by released in 2009
Lullaby's tracklist:
All the Animals
Sweet Dreams
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Circle Song
The Cowboy's Lament
Daydream Land
Sov Gott (Sleep Well)
Forever and a Day (Always)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Angel Standing By
Simple Gifts
Brahms' Lullaby

Lullaby review

Jewel returns to form

Finally the multi-platinum singer and composer Jewel releases her album of Lullaby-songs – the thing that all of her fans undoubtedly could expect from her. It is called accordingly – Lullaby. As Jewel herself has put it – the sound of Lullaby can be estimated as a “return to form,” whatever that means, but it is by no means a return to formula. These 15 songs are lightsome and hasteless acoustic tunes. Jewel's voice is accompanied by a softly-plucked guitar and occasional strings – cello and mandolin. Loved by millions of fans around the world, Jewel is still astonishing with her new record, done with sincerity and self-devotion beyond words. Thanks to her father, who was a country-music composer, Jewel started writing songs since she was 15. Now, by the age of 34, having gained extreme popularity and released 9 albums the singer is still utterly devoted to her calling, she creates truthful music sung from the depth of her heart and depicting the whole world of the feelings. The album Lullaby is her first self-produced work. It was released together with the Fisher-Price lable known for its toys which in itself gives us a hint at the supposed potential audience. The official release of the record was on May 5, Mothers day in the USA. Lullaby – is an album of mood, it would be perfectly not only for putting a child to sleep, but also for meditating and relaxing.

Lullabies that make dreams come true on Lullaby

The playlist consisting of 15 tracks is entwined ideally into the singer’s creativity. Not only Jewel presents her original songs to us, but there also are some covers of the traditional lullabies, known to every single English-speaking person from childhood. Such is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, though with slight variations, and some others: Simple Gifts, Brahm’s Lullaby, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Each of these almost canonical songs is characterized by Jewel’s uniqueness which makes her so outstanding among the other country-singers – her vocals, so enchanting and airy, shimmering and multifaceted. 10 original songs on the record are so special and different – they tell the stories that are absolutely new. Jewel herself admits that Lullaby is one of her favorite albums. All The Animals is a melodic love song, created with the spell of Noah’s ark; it is full of light melancholy. Sweet Dreams is done at a waltz’s metric signature, delicate and slowpoke, brings endless tenderness. The Cowboy's Lament is a true country-song that ends with Jewel’s marvelously performed Tyrol yodel. The track titled Sov Gott (Sleep Well) is worth a special mentioning. It is written in the Swedish language. The tune and lyrics blend together to create the air of a fairy-tale dream, which gets your wishes come true and makes you want to believe in miracles, as though you are a child. These songs actually resemble the music that Jewel created at the very beginning of her career. Forever And a Day would fit perfectly there, too.

The collection for kids and their parents

Jewel may be said to be a truly creative personality. She is awarded various titles of pop-, country-, and folk-diva; moreover, she is constantly developing her potential as an artist, a movie-star, she does different TV-shows such as Dancing With The Stars. So, the album made of lullabies is only one realization of Jewel’s bright and sparkling talent. Lullaby represents not only a challenge for an audience of the other age, but also an unconditional desire to help everyone listening to this record to turn to an inner-child deep in our souls who is sometimes so easy to discern. Though Lullaby resembles in style the 12-times platinum Pieces of You, it is the very mode of expression that helps bring out Jewel’s brilliant singing potential. Lullaby was produced by Jewel and recorded at her home studio in Stephenville, Texas. This collection of soft acoustic melodies touches with its kindness, charms and captivates with superb performance. Alongside the unique and inimitable Jewel’s voice, it can be called one of the best records ever created for kids and their parents.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (26.05.2009)
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