Love? (Deluxe Edition)

Studio Album by released in 2011
Love? (Deluxe Edition)'s tracklist:
On The Floor (Feat. Pitbull)
Good Hit
I'm Into You (Feat. Lil Wayne)
(What Is) Love?
Run the World
Until It Beats No More
One Love
Invading My Mind
Starting Over
Everybody's Girl
Charge Me Up
Take Care
On The Floor (Ven a Bailar) (Feat. Pitbull)

Love? (Deluxe Edition) review

Jennifer Lopez’ dance passion and romantic soulfulness

The passionate American of Puerto-Rican descent Jennifer Lopez is not only known for her great movies, mostly adventure and romantic comedies, and successful albums, but for being a fashion designer, too. The press has been actively covering her personal life, both before and after her happy marrying fellow singer Mark Antony. 2007 saw the singer release quite a decent album Brave, offering dance compositions and romantic pop-ballads, and soon afterwards the world found out that Lopez and Anthony had twins. During her pregnancy the singer recorded a few songs in which she expressed her feelings of a future mother and a woman in love. Those compositions were supposed to comprise a new album but the released single had not become as successful as expected, and her contract with Sony Music Entertainment had ended. Last year Lopez signed a new deal with Island Def Jam, and the anticipated album became her debut on the label. It is no secret that the longer you wait the sweeter the result – the new record Love? is the best illustration for that ever. Dynamic, uniting all Jennifer Lopez’ dance passion and romantic soulfulness, this work will easily repeat the success of This Is Me…Then and prove that motherhood only serves all creative girls right.

Only the best songs on Love?

After the relative failure of Brave, which has become Jennifer’s least successful releases, the singer never fell down into despair, on the contrary, recording about twenty compositions out of which twelve best were eventually picked out. The Deluxe edition also includes several bonus-tracks worthy of being heard by the audience. A nice surprise is Lopez’ collaboration with artists whose names do not leave the upper lines of hit-parades, the first one being the dance single On The Floor featuring Pitbull. Club-goers will appreciate the amazing contagious beat and the melody of once super popular Lambadi. The eclectic, a bit aggressive Good Hit impresses no less both due to the production by Rick Ross and The-Dream and Lopez’ bold vocals. The third danceable song about passionate love is I'm Into You, flavored with rap verses provided by Lil Wayne and a dance-hall beat. The soulful composition (What Is) Love?, written by the well-known songwriter Wynter Gordon tells about how hard it is to find real love for all women who have suffered from bad childhood or a psychological trauma, but it is utterly devoid of melancholy rather being quite an expressive mid-tempo rebuff. Another single Papi takes us back to the dance floor, whereas the mid-tempo self-belief anthem Until It Beats No More will give strength to everyone who has decided to fall into depression. A new R&B-hit contender One Love echoes the album’s title – the protagonist in its lyrics is once again searching for and finds the definition of love, and Starting Over, another song written by Wynter Gordon, deals with finding strength after a break-up and starting a new life. The final track Hypnotico again makes you forget peace and dance together with Jennifer, as well as the rest of bonus tracks with the exception of the nice R&B-number Take Care, once again filled with tender feelings.

Dancing, the right thoughts in lyrics and stylish production

If you ever had doubts concerning Jennifer Lopez’ ability to get back her dance floor queen reputation, then the album Love? will certainly prove you the opposite and pleasantly surprise you with strong vocal parts. The singer herself is very proud of the new work and believes that her voice has never sounded so good yet. Besides most of the danceable tracks on Love? sound as if they were the genre classics, especially the singles, making it clear that this genre is exactly the one that allows the singer to realize her potentials to its full. Starting her career from dancing, Jennifer Lopez has spent many years working on and improving her sense of rhythm and has learned to express her feelings through her body. Which is why she is one of the small number of performers who manage to put a soulful romantic and even vulnerable text on a contagious dance beat, and that results into a perfect harmony. You will not find any sentimental ballads like Baby I Love You on the new album all the feelings being put into lyrics, not into music. Perhaps, some will find it difficult to accept but Jennifer Lopez is not a naпve amorous girl anymore but a mature married woman and a mother who knows what she is worth and makes music she has always wanted to make: great dance pop with the right thoughts in lyrics and stylish production – this is exactly what the faultless album Love? is like.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (06.05.2011)
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