Jennifer Hudson

Studio Album by released in 2008
Jennifer Hudson's tracklist:
If This Isn't Love
Pocketbook (feat. Ludacris)
Giving Myself
What's Wrong (Go Away) (feat. T-Pain)
My Heart
You Pulled Me Through
I'm His Only Woman (feat. Fantasia)
Can't Stop the Rain
We Gon' Fight
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There
All Dressed in Love

Jennifer Hudson review

The Academy Award and the Golden Globe winner

The American artist and actress called Jennifer Hudson was born in 1981 and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She is a devoted fan of Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. The girl decided to follow the aspirations of her idols and become an artist. She got the needed education and moved to conquer the show business. At first, Jennifer Hudson was noticed by the public as the participant of the US talent competition American Idol. In spite of the fact that she was one of the undoubted semi-finalists due to her rich voice, Jennifer did not win. However, since that, Hudson made a big work - who could imagine - as an actress. The acting talent made Hudson the favorite of millions of people and gave her the most prestigious prizes - the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe for the best supporting actor in the film Dreamgirls. In the picture, the artist used her vocals for the film soundtrack. In 2008, she also played a minor role in The Sex And The City: The Film. It seemed that the release of her solo disc was a defined fact after all - especially taking into consideration the beginning of the work over the album, which took place in 2006. However, the issue of Hudson’s debut attempt was postponed several times due to different reasons. At last, in four months after the release of the lead single Spotlight, the disc Jennifer Hudson saw light.

Jennifer Hudson: power and passion

The disc by Jennifer Hudson mostly features styles of R&B, pop and neo-soul, exploring the topics that are classical for these genres. Thus, the album opening lead single Spotlight, written by Ne-Yo, is sure to cheer the listeners with the lively pulsating rhythm, wonderful vocal performance by Hudson and amusing filling. The track goes about a young man, who is too overprotective about his girlfriend, he controls her all the time, does not trust her - and it makes her distressed. The track Pocketbook (Feat. Ludacris) with the hip-hop element is decorated with the raps by Ludacris and bright, humorous lyrics. Well, the song What's Wrong (Go Away) may be called one of the least bright stops on the disc, as producer and artist T-Pain seems to use a little bit too much stereo-effect. The tune You Pulled Me Through is a beautiful classical ballad with the plot, which is no less classical - it tells that love helped the artist to survive the most hard moments of her life, and Jennifer is extremely emotional though the song. The brilliant duet by Hudson and her American Idol colleague Fantasia, the explosive composition I'm His Only Woman (Feat. Fantasia) follows it. On the track, two women try to share a man, who dates them both - it is a very often-used theme, popular throughout 70s-90s of the twentieth century. However, the interpretation of this topic on Jennifer Hudson is praiseworthy - the song puts new colors in the theme of women struggle for the possession of the beloved’s heart. Closer to the end, the high-spirited gospel composition Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There takes place. It reminds us of Jennifer’s strict Baptist family bringing and is purposed for the feminine part of her auditory. The disc finishes with the romantic track All Dressed In Love (Bonus Track).

The difficulties of the first album

Jennifer Hudson is an excellent singer with deep and meaty vocals, and has a wide range, which perfectly fits performing of R&B tracks and soul ballads. On the American Idol, she recommended herself as a wonderful cover-maker for the well-known hits. On the disc Jennifer Hudson, she presents the listeners new material. Although the songs are penned for her, she performs them in the way no one other could do. The disc is not perfect; it has several filling tracks, which are no ways bad anyway. The work Jennifer Hudson has the structure of an ordinary pop album - the first part has fast danceable songs, while the second one features balladry compositions. The long-play also embodied the tradition of guest vocalists, which was not obligatory anyway. However, one should consider that the debut album is usually the means of self-establishing of the scene. Hudson passed the check. On her self-titled full-length, she has several great moments that put her in the limelight and make a platform for her second attempt, which is sure to be more mature. The use of classical topic lets the singer fulfill the qualitative record with a slight retro-slant, which becomes her impressive voice. If one did not pay attention to the shortcomings of the disc and concentrated on Hudson’ signing, it would become obvious that on Jennifer Hudson, the singer did the best of her voice and demonstrated her major artistic gift and maturity.

Ninelle Kazakoff (20.10.2008)
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