Further Complications

Studio Album by released in 2009
Further Complications's tracklist:
Further Complications
I Never Said I Was Deep
Hold Still
Caucasian Blues
You're In My Eyes (Discosong)

Further Complications review

Jarvis Cocker continues his solo career

British singer-songwriter Jarvis Cocker, most known for his former leadership of the band titled Pulp, started his solo career in 2009 with the pop album Jarvis. This record, as everything he does, immediately brought the new portion of the disappearing attention to the stylish musician, who was in his time one of the founding and clue members of Britpop movement. Anyway, Cocker is well remembered not only for that, but also for the incident with Michael Jackson at the BRIT Awards ceremony in 1996, and some other scandalous tricks. However, not everything was smooth in Jarvis’ life – after the release of his wonderful debut, he divorced from his wife. Cocker had been residing in Paris with her since 2003. Nevertheless, the musician is planning to stay in the capital of France in order to participate in his son’s life. It is of great importance to the artist, as when Jarvis was a child, his father left the family. This experience of childhood found a way out in Cocker’s songs. In 2008, the singer presented several songs to the public which he decided to include on his new record. As the artist says, the sound of the disc is harder and thicker than the one on Jarvis. To achieve this goal, the performer made a tandem with grunge producer Steve Albini, and they got to work in Albini’s personal Electrical Audio, based in Chicago. Subsequently, we can appreciate the new solo attempt by Cocker - Further Complications.

Pleasures and their consequences on Further Complications

The entire disc Further Complications by Cocker is devoted to the topics of pleasures and their consequences. It is hard to interpret both such themes and the title of the disc without the context of the late personal facts in the artist’s life. The disc, containing the blue-eyed blues tints, post-grunge arrangements and tuneful Britpop adored by everyone is filled with songs about love stories of the artist. Thus, minimalistic in lyrics, but nevertheless informative bluesy composition Leftlovers with expressive guitars tells the listeners about a girl, who Cocker met in the museum of paleontology. The gorgeous track Angela is devoted to a girl that is much younger than Cocker – but it does not stop him from flirting with the beauty and writing a song about her. The colorful ballad I Never Said I Was Deep sounds like an ironic excuse by Jarvis for his failure in the family life. It also demonstrates us his opinion of relationships. Decorated with the saxophone play, the tune of Homewrecker! is also dedicated to the private relations and some chills in them. Nevertheless, the playfully optimistic title track Further Complications is the artist’s manifest. He says that he needs new sensations, new experience and, of course, further complications. The track with the deceitfully rude title Fuckingsong is actually filled with erotica and poetry, while the closing track You're In My Eyes (Discosong) will remind the listeners of Cocker of the past, with his reluctant vocals and luring pop motifs.

A pleasant surprise for the listeners

The new disc by Jarvis Cocker will be an undoubted surprise for the devoted fans of the artist. However, this surprise is going to be a pleasant one. The disc Further Complications is a well-done, bouncy rock record, on which the artist demonstrates us once again his ability to create hooking motifs and thoughtful, but at the same time mainly devoted to sexuality lyrics. Well, the rock slant of Further Complications was obvious due the producer of the new Cocker’s record. Steve Albimi just could not help recording something with a grunge orientation. As we know, Albini and Cocker got acquainted at the Chicagoan Pitchfork Music Festival in 2008. By that moment, the British musician already had in his head a record that would be more rocking that his last work and that acquaintance was an obvious profit for him. Albini masterfully fulfilled his producing aims on Further Complications. Thanks to this long-play, we are sure to learn about the things that the musician approaching forty years is stalked with and discover the new sides of his talent. This album is haunted with the soul of seduction and interpersonal games. Cocker’s words about his huge amounts of creative ideas found their grounding onn each track on Further Complications.

Ninelle Kazakoff (01.06.2009)
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