Jane's Addiction


American band Jane’s Addiction, which became one of the brightest representatives of alternative rock, was organized in early eighties. That was the time when a new genre was quickly gaining popularity – the alternative to already formed musical styles was enjoyed both by musicians themselves and their listeners. Jane’s Addiction were among the first ones, who developed alternative, which actually had no rules, so the artist could express themselves freely, without any limits. No wonder that their energy and expression attracted music lovers’ attention in no time.

Perry Farrell is considered to be the founder of Jane’s Addiction, because it was his idea to start a new band after his previous group was disbanded. He got acquainted with Eric Avery, and pretty son the young men understood that their preferences in music were quite alike, so the future collaboration was to become successful. Then they were joined by Stephen Perkins, even in spite of his different musical taste. A bit later Jane’s Addiction’s very first line-up was finally formed: Dave Navarro became the member of the band. The rockers began to perform in Los-Angeles and they managed to make themselves a name in a confident and a loud way. The club Scream was the place where the musicians played really often, so more and more people came to watch and enjoy their shows. It is logical that such a success just could not be left without attention, and representatives of sound record labels noticed the young and promising band.

Jane’s Addiction signed the contract with Warner Bros. Records and in January of 1988 they began to work in the studio. The release of the rockers’ debut attempt titled Nothing's Shocking took place in the summer of the same year, and it proved to be critically acclaimed. Moreover, it was included into the famous list of 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time of Rolling Stone, which says a lot about the level of that long play. The musicians gave their fantasy full freedom, and as the result Nothing's Shocking proved to be just like an alternative rock album should be – many sided and, of course, extremely bright. Two years later the band issued not less rememberable album titled Ritual de lo habitual (1990). After that they went on a tour to support the fresh record. That tour had lasted for more than a year, and partially it was the reason why the rockers decided to disband the group – it appeared to be difficult for them to get along.

However the band reunited several times, to the great joy of fans. For the first time it happened in 1997, when Jane’s Addiction just hit a small tour. Avery refused to take part, so his place was taken by Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea. The second reunion happened in 2001 and it was more productive in the aspect of studio work, but again Avery decided no tot take part in the event and not to play with his band. The record Strays saw the light in 2003, while the group was disbanded once again in 2004. Jane’s Addiction gathered the original line-up in 2008, which was a reason for millions of fans’ joy. Thus, Eric Avery was on the stage with his band mates. Actually, he left the group once again in 2010, and Dave Sitek became the new bass-player.

When the changed line-up was finally formed, Jane’s Addiction decided to record a new studio album. The long awaited record The Great Escape Artist was released in 2011 and it brought a lot of surprises – but only pleasant ones.

Studio Albums

Jane's Addiction, The Great Escape Artist mp3The Great Escape Artist
Pioneers of alternative rock Jane's Addiction released their fresh album, titled The Great Escape Artist. The musicians presented the sound, which is quite unusual for them, and that is why the long-awaited long play really intrigues
  • Alternative Metal
  • Neo-Psychedelia
Jane's Addiction, Strays mp3Strays
  • Alternative Metal
  • Hard Rock
Jane's Addiction, Ritual de lo habitual mp3Ritual de lo habitual
  • Funk Metal
  • Psychedelic Rock
Jane's Addiction, Nothing's Shocking mp3Nothing's Shocking
  • Alternative Metal
  • Funk Metal
  • Hard Rock
  • Psychedelic Rock

Compilation albums

Jane's Addiction, Kettle Whistle mp3Kettle Whistle
  • Hard Rock


Jane's Addiction, Live in NYC mp3Live in NYC
  • Indie Rock
Jane's Addiction, Jane's Addiction mp3Jane's Addiction
  • Hard Rock