Studio Album by released in 2005
Switch's tracklist:
Devil's Party
Pretty Vegas
Hot Girls
Perfect Strangers
Remember, Who's Your Man?
Never Let You Go
Like It or Not
God's Top Ten

Switch review

INXS returns with sensational vocalist J.D. Fortune added to the band’s line-up

INXS began with the creation of The Farriss Brothers in Australia in 1977 with members: Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farriss, Jon Farriss, Tim Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, and Gary Beers. The group members would stay the same for 20 years until the death of Hutchence in 1997. The Farris Brothers toured Australia in the late 70s and officially became INXS by the end of 1979. Few bands can claim to have had a more illustrious career that INXS: to date, the band has sold 30 million albums worldwide, with six consecutive Top 10 albums in the U.S. alone. But despite being a phenomenal live band with influences that combined funk, new wave, and melodic rock, Hutchence was always the focal point of INXS and without his rock star charisma and, more importantly, his warm, soulful vocals, there really wasn't much point for the band to continue. This past summer, millions of music lovers watched as INXS mounted a televised search for their new lead singer on the show Rock Star: INXS, rekindling tremendous excitement among new and long-time fans. Now, with sensational vocalist J.D. Fortune added to the band’s line-up, INXS have returned with their newest album, Switch.

You'll likely agree that INXS made the right choice

The 11-track collection sounds more or less stuck in the '80s, when the Aussie band previously ruled the charts – yet that's where most dance-rock music is currently at. Songwriter and keyboardist/guitarist Andrew Farriss did well in hooking up with producer-songwriter Guy Chambers (Queen, Robbie Williams) and seasoned songwriters like Desmond Child. Fortune also co-wrote three songs. Switch comes out of the gate with Devil's Party and just gets better with comeback single Pretty Vegas and the sublime U2 vibe of Afterglow, the song written for Hutchence that should connect with anyone who has ever lost someone they love. Things slow down with the up-tempo Hot Girls and Perfect Strangers. Like It or Not has a pop feel to it, but the tune is catchy and you will soon find yourself singing along. Us is a beautiful song that speaks to hope something that is in scarce supply in this world sometimes. God's Top Ten was written for Michael's daughter. The lyric are haunting and any long time fan of INXS will be moved by its meaning. J.D.’s range is impressive, his attitude is sexual and arrogant and everything right about INXS and what Michael Hutchence exuded on songs like Devil Inside and Need You Tonight. You'll likely agree that INXS made the right choice.

Switch is instantly recognizable with the best of INXS past work

It's amazing how many established acts have come roaring back with strong, vital releases this year. Add INXS to the list, which already includes Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, and Neil Diamond. The band is back with a new fire in their songs but with just as much passion for the music as they did with the late Michael Hutchence. INXS delivers an album that is instantly recognizable with the best of their past work. If you wonder where they were going with Full Moon Dirty Hearts or Elegantly Wasted, the answer is: back home where they could create Switch. Vocally, Fortune does match some of Hutchence's deep soul leanings, and although he's more leaden and doesn't have any of the higher-end, blue-eyed soul that was Hutchence's trademark, he is clearly up for the sex-god-rock star pose. Switch is worth buying, whether you're a longtime INXS fan, a Rock Star follower or both.

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