Human Again

Studio Album by released in 2012
Human Again's tracklist:
This Is War
Do It Now
I'm Through
Blood Brothers
Black & Blue
How We Love
Palm Of Your Hand
In The Sea
Keep Warm
End Of The World

Human Again review

Ingrid Michaelson is a famous person among lovers of indie-rock

Indie-rock brings a lot of opportunities for young and promising artists. Of course that doesn’t mean that beginners have fewer chances in other musical genres. The point is that indie-rock, which stands for independent rock, does not demand professional equipment or expensive sound recording studios from the performers. Ingrid Michaelson’s album Boys And Girls, which had been recorded completely at little home studio, can be an excellent example of that concept. That long play managed to conquer charts and Ingrid made herself a name. Her life-asserting and endlessly optimistic songs found their listeners in almost no time, which was not a big surprise, actually. Anyways, pretty soon the young artist signed a contract with a label, so she could start working on her albums in the studio. Very atmospheric and touching compositions were welcomed by music lovers and critics, which is proved by Ingrid’s works’ high positions in various charts. It must be mentioned that the in general the contract issue did not affect the artist’s main direction of creativity. She did not even thought about adapting her songs for some trends; she remained faithful to her own style instead. Fans really enjoyed that situation and their love to Michaelson became even stronger. Ingrid released her new record Human Again in 2012, and acquaintance with this studio attempt will be extremely interesting for all connoisseurs of sincere music.

Life-asserting Human Again

The release of Human Again took place in winter of 2012; however the record has a summer attitude, not the winter one. The new long play is opened by a very bright composition Fire, the basis of which consists of the stringed instruments’ part. Powerful drums complete the musical landscape and let the listeners enjoy Ingrid’s vocal skills in a full volume. The singer creates her vocal parts in a truly innovative and elaborate ways, playing with the melodiousness of songs. This Is War is another great example of Michaelson’s amazing sense of music. A song Black & Blue proved to be the album’s decoration, which will fit some movie just fine and become the part of its soundtrack. Also it feels that romantic How We Love was created specially for a drama or a love story. The guitar sound and Ingrid’s voice do exist in a remarkable harmony, and sometimes that duo reminds of folk. Of course, in general the artist is a bright representative of indie-rock scene, however she does not even think about limiting her creativity by any kinds of borders.

Present for music lovers

Ingrid Michaelson is known pretty well among those listeners, who follow the development of indie-scene. It may be quite tricky to follow all its changes, as soon as new artists appear rather often. Nevertheless, Ingrid managed to find her place in the sun, and it goes without saying that she just could not do it without talent and hard work. The musical education is an important thing, no matter which way you look at it. Especially it is effective in hands of a talented person. Michaelson has been pleasing listeners with new high-class compositions since the release of her debut record. In that aspect Human Again is not an exception, because the brand new long play is very rich with hits: In The Sea, Ribbons and many other tracks can not be left ignored. The intuition did not let Ingrid down this time as well, and that is a good proof of the fact that the singer definitely found her style, which let her self-express completely. Michaelson can demonstrate literally any shades of moods, and her songs are her instruments. These include lyrical compositions like I’m Through or energetic songs like Blood Brothers. It will be easy to find a track for a certain mood, that is for sure. Human Again proved to be a notable addition to the American singer’s discography, and we have all the grounds to assume that her following long play will be not less fascinating.

Danil Chernovalov (17.02.2012)
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