Make Another World

Studio Album by released in 2007
Make Another World's tracklist:
In Competition for the Worst Time
Everything (As It Moves)
No Emotion
Make Another World
If It Takes You Home
Future Works
You and I Are Both Away
A Ghost in the Arcade
Once in Your Life
Finished It Remains

Make Another World review

Idlwild is ready to conquer the fame again

During a short time period Idlewild managed to provoke and then disprove the suppositions about the beginning of their creative activities decline. It’s not only that the band’s last release Warnings/Promises raised censure from some part of the fans but musicians have also parted ways with their record company, which left them without any contract in 2005. But now, after almost two years of absence Idlewild is back again with its new work Make Another World. This time around the musicians decided to use their old and approved methods to make this album up. Make Another World is a wonderful mixture of classic british guitar pop and peculiar melodic, which made this band recognizable among great variety of numerous indie bands. The release of the album was preceded by a successful promotion tour across UK clubs, which demonstrated that the interest to Idlewild is not fading but on the contrary experiencing a new raise.

Make Another World will be interesting to different kinds of listeners

Make Another World has some music to listen, indeed. A title song Make Another World sounds akin to the earlier Idlewild’s hits, soft beat of rhythm section in a verse is followed by an unusual guitar riff and than the song bursts into intense chorus. This is a standard scheme, but Roddy Woomble’s way of performing makes something special out of it, the song’s melodic sounds really far from mainstream. Overall the material has slight influences of late 80’s/early 90’s rock and mixed a little with notes of Celtic folk. Such a combination can be heard quite well on Future Works. It’s follower You And I Are Both Away was also made up in the same manner, Rod Jones’s guitar arrangements really work here. The musicians periodically drop in disco beat here and there. The most demonstrating and probably the best song of the album is No Emotion: energetic pop beat, dirty guitar sound and perfect, catchy chorus. You can find a similar sonic setting In Competition For The Worst Time too. Having all the songs settled in one indivisible musical flow but at the same time they managed to produce completely different songs, which may fit the tastes of both teenager and more experienced listener. But it is absolutely necessary for any type of Idlewild’s fans to hear Once In Your Life – a song that could become the album’s title.

Idlewild’s hard times are over

Make Another World in comparison with Idlewild’s previous album of 2005 has much more to praise the musicians for, however, it still can’t overshadow their earlier works. This album may raise a supposition that the guys are cheating a bit when they pose Make Another World to be the freshets product and trying to climb the crest of success at the expense of their old approved ideas, though, they are quite good in doing it. There is one thing clear, the band can’t be the same no more, once they have tried to work in a bit different direction they would hardly ever get back to the same starting conditions and make the same music with the same zeal. Idlewild is obviously experiencing something like transitional period that, judging by all indexes, nears to the end. Probably a few last years were not the best time in life of the band but musicians gathered themselves up and made a step forward to enter a new phase of evolution and this forms an outlook for creating a renewed, excellent material which will bring Idlewild crowds of new fans. To sum up this review it is necessary to say that even though Make Another World didn’t prove to be Idlewild’s musical milestone, none of the band’s fans will be disappointed by the new album and moreover, will be glad to see a new raise of this original band.

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