Close To A Miracle

Studio Album by released in 2006
Close To A Miracle's tracklist:
Radio On
Close To A Miracle
Rise Up
Everything's Alright
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Finally Found A Way
Better Way
Crazy For You
Private Glory
Love Is Always There
Don't Give Up On Love

Close To A Miracle review

Heather Small never stops surprising

The deep rich and a little husky voice of the British band M People front singer Heather Small is recognized all over the world. The hits Moving On Up and Search For A Hero are still many people’s favorites. Originally from West London, England, the singer has comparatively recently started to grow extremely popular in the USA due to the Oprah Winfrey Show and the international anthem Proud from her first solo album with the same name. At the end of this July Heather Small’s second solo creation Close To A Miracle has seen the light of the day. The record consisting of 12 tracks does not only please with the great vocals and wonderful instrumentation, but also surprises with the melodious songs each of which is worthy to become a hit. The singer has obviously become wiser for there are enough mature thoughts in the lyrics, and stylistically Close To A Miracle is a peculiar mix of soul, gospel, rock, jazz and dance music. It has been six years since Heather’s last album, and it looks like the time does her only good: the velvet voice sounds clearer and more expressive than ever, and there seems to be even more soul put into music. Heather Small never stops surprising, and this album is undoubtedly one of the best soul works to date.

Close To A Miracle is a brilliant example of top quality music

From the very beginning and till the end Close To A Miracle provides the listeners with a most enjoyable music and Heather’s magic voice. The songs are mostly devoted to the eternal themes of love and independence, those Heather Small often turns to on her most successful works. Opening with the catchy and joyful single Radio On, it continues the optimistic and at times reflective mood up to the final slow romantic composition Don't Give Up On Love. The title song Close To A Miracle evokes the most pleasant emotions and makes one believe in personal strength and possibilities, and Rise Up calls to move on whatever happens. Everything’s Alright fills one with unlimited optimism and can serve a means to calm down in tense situation. On the funny track 50 Ways To Leave You Lover we meet independent and self-sufficient Heather who never fears to remain alone, and a thought-provoking song Better Way amazes with its especially beautiful melody. A touching confession of love on Crazy For You and a gorgeous song Private Glory continue the line of great rhythms, while Love Is Always There is so good that it seems that it has already long ago become the classics. Close To A Miracle is a brilliant example of top quality music that results from the efforts of an strong spirited and talented artist Heather Small has always been.

Heather Small teaches us to look at everything in a positive light

Once in a while there is released an album in the world that is flawless in all the aspects. Close To A Miracle from Heather Small is exactly like that. Even if you have an intention to find a drawback on this wonderful record there is no chance for you to fulfill the idea. On the contrary, the more one listens to Close To A Miracle, the more charmed one gets and no matter if you are or not acquainted with Heather’s or M People’s other works, this album is a candidate for the new favorite of yours and the public. Marking the musical evolution of the singer it is able to impress the most sophisticated listeners and rapture everybody else. There is no need to remind that Heather already has a solid music career, but with her new creation she has risen on a new step and this speaks a lot about her firm character and other important qualities like self-belief, imperishable optimism and love of life. Sharing her inner world with the audience the artist teaches us to be happy and able to look at everything in a positive light. Hopefully, the next album from this remarkable artist is not going to make us wait long and bring even more joy and good mood to our homes.

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