The Heart Is the Place

Studio Album by released in 2007
The Heart Is the Place's tracklist:
The Story of the City
Every One of Us
Can't Give Up the Ghost
24 Hours
Goodbye Cruel World
We Will Not Be Machines
Heaven's My Destination
Sun in Your Eyes
The Heart Is the Place
Yours and Mine
A Joyous Final Chapter

The Heart Is the Place review

New sounding and new texts from Goldrush

Goldrush is composed of two brothers (Robin and Joe Bennett) and three friends (Garo Nahoulakian, Hamish Tesco and G Roby). The history of their development was started in 2000 when brothers Robin and Joe Bennett were in a band with the unlikely name of Whispering Bob. An endless procession of guitarists and drummers had finally led them to the discovery of Garo and G, who brought a new musical skill and depth to the new-organized group Goldrush. Within a couple of months their debut single Same Picture was being played every night on Radio 1 and major record labels were packing out every show. During the next four years Goldrush were gathering the materials for their songs and for their first record. In 2005 was released the debut album Ozone, which brought Goldrush not only their first fans, but the assurance that they had chosen the right way of life and the successful current for their music career. Now Goldrush is balanced in everything. The perfect songwriting and the three-part harmonies are in place. They have a double shimmering-guitar balanced assault, and their rhythm section has listened to enough American country and R&B to give their music a requisite dose of melancholy heart and transcendental soul. And they are just right at crafting the guitar rock that Radiohead abandoned after recording OK Computer.

The Heart Is The Place is a professional, mature-sounding album

The Heart Is The Place is the second album from Goldrush. The instrumental intro Aperture and The Story Of The City lays a defiant, ambitious groundwork for the record, cycling an immense refrain from the former into the latter. Every One Of Us sounds designed to be listened to while standing on top of a building, looking up at the sky, and asking if every one of us is “fighting for position in this impossible world” and then don’t we have more in common than we think? The Heart Is The Place is a professional, mature-sounding album from a band that had no business sticking around once all those big label dreams crumbled. It elevates itself slightly in its second half, not so much for any overbearing triumph as for its willingness to set out from Brit-rock’s confusing and seemingly perpetual tendency toward redundant arrangements. We Will Not Be Machines is countered to what its title might imply, is rigidly controlled and sounds disinterested until its last minute, when it finally allows a small amount of noise to creep into the mix. But Heaven’s My Destination and Sun In Your Eyes are perfect contrasts of what can and should be done with strings and horns as accessories to studio rock. The Heart Is The Place is sometimes beautiful, sometimes stilted British rock album in the style of Manic Street Preachers, Elbow, Doves, Coldplay and The Verve. It’s huge and clumsy in its bombast, but it has an impenitent, naive posture that makes it easier to forgive its bluntness, and it’s as positively encouraging as a clap on the back. The Heart Is The Place a stunning record that does warm our hearts, makes us feel at home where it hurts the most. It sounds like they just recorded it in an instant, the energy and joy you can hear throughout every note but also the doubts and the sleepless nights.

Goldrush yearn for peace world and for rock in every home

The Bennett brothers and the band appeared off-the-cuff and super warmed-up when they took the little stage at their own native town. Goldrush is the group of great people, because all of them want to be the first in everything. They want to write the most interesting texts, the most thrilling music and they yearn for peace world. Goldrush have spent the past few years dipping in and out of the England stages, building a studio, starting a record label, running a festival, touring the world. They try to help sick people, suffering from the leukemia. And the main principle for the boys from Goldrush is to be the people in this cruel and not always colourful world. Having released their album The Heart Is The Place, Goldrush want to do something simple for such unfortunate population. It’s full of life-asserting songs and bright melodies, forcing the listeners to believe in the best. This record gained a lot of good press feedback and left a lot of excited people longing for the next real album. We just can say that The Heart Is The Place is the real present for all the listeners of Goldrush.

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