I'm New Here

Studio Album by released in 2010
I'm New Here's tracklist:
On Coming From a Broken Home, Part 1
Me and the Devil
I'm New Here
Your Soul and Mine
Parents (interlude)
I'll Take Care of You
Being Blessed (interlude)
Where Did the Night Go
I Was Guided (interlude)
New York Is Killing Me
Certain Things (interlude)
The Crutch
I've Been Me (interlude)
On Coming From a Broken Home, Part 2

I'm New Here review

Scott-Heron has something else to say

Gil Scott-Heron is a person whom many established representatives of the today hip-hop culture name as their teacher and precursor of the music they work with now. Of course, Gil himself never did rap, yet his art prepared what was needed for the birth of this genre. This musician’s best works came from the remote seventies and eighties when Gil was actively performing a music fusing elements of soul, blues and jazz. His lyrics were strongly political and often associated with the black militant movement. You may ask yourself endless times why the sixty-year-old Scott-Heron decided to come back; yet you got to face the fact: his new work, I’m New Here, is his first studio effort in the last fifteen years. May the number of the featured tracks not misguide you! All the fifteen songs presented here are tightly packed within the limits of thirty minutes. But you may be sure: the old timer Gil did say what he wanted and felt necessary to say.

A half-an-hour story of all life

It does not take a genius to understand that there is a vast stylistic abyss lying between this record and the artist’s other efforts released so many years ago. Jazz and soul are rather obscure ghost-like shapes here than distinct and prominent characters. You’ll get it when you taste the opener, On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 1) backed by Kanye West’s sample. The music fabric of Scott-Heron’s new album is made of quite simplistic electronic beats while the leading part, as always before, is assigned to the vocals that even in the best years were never technically flawless. But there is no need for singing perfection here. The listener will be touched not by the undoubted sincerity of the one who sings. Although many tracks on the new record were not penned by Gil himself, the selection of the composition was conducted in such way that together they sound like the singer’s autobiographical work. I'll Take Care of You is a smashing soul-styled composition that turned in the artist’s confession to all fatal mistakes he has made. It is not an easy task to adjust oneself to understand and accept New York Is Killing Me. The gloomy spirit of the song makes you believe that Gil is not acting like somebody, but merely lets out all the remorse and regret accumulated throughout these uneasy years.

New songs in the old manner

The times have changed; and Gil Scott-Heron could no longer sing about what once was the core of his artistic ideology. I’m New Here is not a moral code or collection of political slogans. Sixty is an age when many start looking back and rethinking what they wanted to do and what they eventually have done. These are thoughts that are put into Scott-Heron’s new album. However, while these songs are filled with new themes and problems, all of them preserved the unchangeable manner of performance, gust of emotions, flame of passion, impartiality and frankness. Who is the one to listen to the confession of the Godfather of Rap? Is it God? Listeners? Himself? These thirty minutes are enough for everyone to find his or her own answer to this question. This record is not easy to perceive as it gives more thoughts to ponder over than music to listen to. Chances are tiny that it will please all those who like the music Gil once helped to enter this world. Yet this work is interesting by its definition and may find its fans even among those who have never associated themselves with such music.

Alex Bartholomew (18.02.2010)
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