Some Nights

Studio Album by released in 2012
Some Nights's tracklist:
Some Nights Intro
Some Nights
We Are Young (Feat. Janelle Monae)
Carry On
It Gets Better
Why Am I The One
All Alone
All Alright
One Foot
Out On The Town (Bonus Track)

Some Nights review

Fun. rely on their experience

The members of the American rock band fun. are far from being naive beginners on the music stage. All the three musicians came to this project from other ensembles and knew well what the public would want from them. The debut studio work from fun. was really nice, probably, even too nice. Because it took the band a great effort to offer the audience a CD of a level as high three years later. Fun.’s supporters, who, by the way, have been getting bigger in numbers ever since the release of the first record, hoped that the musicians would not deliver anything significantly different. Their expectations came to life for the new long player, Some Nights, rests upon the same stylistic framework that supported the previous album by the Americans. At the same time, fun. succeeded in engaging more prominent producers, which had a positive effect on the way Some Nights sounds. As for the musicians themselves, they display an even better chemistry and feel for style.

More dance elements in fun. music

Some Nights have a classic studio album structure as it lasts forty five minutes, and features eleven tracks, including a short intro. It is followed by the self-titled track that comes as a perfect warm-up and illustrates the new album’s spacious, loud and juicy sound. Alongside the basic instruments like guitars, bass and drums, the songs are filled, and sometimes even overfilled, with electronic beats. Some Nights is a dance record that was made to please a very big crowd. That is why fun. worked especially hard on the tunes in the choruses, and the result could not be better. Carry On, We Are Young, and All Right are all ready hits which are welcome to any radio station. Why Am I The One is a of a slightly different nature as it is led by guitar and easily associates with British rock from the nineties. Probably, there is an overkill of electronic and dance elements on It Gets Better, and One Foot, but one has to admit both tracks sweep you with their energy.

Some Nights will win the band more supporters

If there is something that can be called a drawback on Some Nights, then it is the closing part of the album. Stars is more like an experiment that falls out of place completely for the inapt vocals sounding too exotic due to auto tuning. And the bonus track Out On The Town seems to be an obvious effort to extend the duration of the CD. This song, all done as typical fun. stuff, is short of the power and attractiveness the rest of the Some Nights list possesses. Fortunately, strong points overshadow the weak, and the general impression from the American band’s new release is exclusively pleasant. Some Nights is going to entertain greatly those who liked fun. album number one, and intrigue those who are not familiar with the ensemble yet. This is a consistent record where doubtless highlights take turns with less hit-like songs of the same high quality. The musicians of fun., who have been working long in the genre, know how to and like to please their fans and there are going to be even more of them after Some Nights.

Alex Bartholomew (11.03.2012)
Rate review4.73
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