Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo

Studio Album by released in 2006
Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo's tracklist:
In My Defence (2000 Remix)
The Great Pretender (Original)
Livin On My Own (1993 No More Brothers Radio Mix)
Made In Heaven (Mr. Bad Guy Album Version)
Love Kills (Original)
There Must Be More To Life Than This (Mr. Bad Guy Album Version)
Guide Me Home (Barcelona Album Version)
How Can I Go On? (Barcelona Album Version)
Foolin` Around (Steve Brown)
Time (Original)
Barcelona (Barcelona Album Version)
Love Me Mike There`s No Tomorrow (Mr. Bad Guy Album Version)
I Was Born To Love You (Mr. Bad Guy Album Version)
The Golden Boy (Barcelona Album Version)
Mr. Bad Guy (Mr. Bad Guy Album Version)
The Great Pretender (Malouf Remix)
Love Kills (Star Rider Remix)
I Can Hear Music (Original)
Goin` Back (Original)
Guide Me Home (Piano) (Thierry Lang Jazz Version)
Love Kills (Sunshine People Radio Mix)
Made In Heaven (Extended Version)
Living On My Own (The Egg Remix)
Love Kills (Rank 1 Remix)
Mr. Bad Guy (Bad Circulation Version)
I Was Born To Love You (George Demure Almost Vocal Mix)
My Love Is Dangerous (Extended Version)
Love Makin` Love (Demo)
Love Kills (Pixel82 Remix)
I Was Born To Love You (Extended Version)
Foolin` Around (Early Version)
Living On My Own (No More Brothers Extended Mix)
Love Kills (More Order Rework By The Glimmers)
Your Kind Of Lover (Vocal & Piano Version)
Let`s Turn It On (A Cappella)

Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo review

The Very Best of Freddie Mercury Solo is dedicated to his 60th anniversary

The name of Freddie Mercury needs no introducing, even now, almost 15 years after his death it will be hardly ever possible for any of modern artists to compete with his enormous eccentric talent. For the majority of people Freddie Mercury is associated with Queen and this is quite obvious because this was the band to which he dedicated most of his creative energy. But his restless nature and unrestrained appetite for music couldn’t always be fulfilled within the parameters of Queen. At these times Freddie ventured off into the uncharted new world of solo projects. In the occasion of celebration of his 60th anniversary a new album dedicated to Freddie as a solo performer was released this September. The Very Best of Freddie Mercury Solo includes rare and unheard tracks, which highlight those periods when Freddie channeled his inexhaustible love of music into new musical encounters, some intensely personal projects, others providing the excitement of collaborations with writers and performers who fired his imagination.

Album includes rare tracks

Many people think that Mercury’s solo career started together with his album of 1985 Mr. Bad Guy. But actually the reference point goes back in 1973 when he released his first single under the pseudonym of Larry Lurex and it comprised of two cover versions: Beach Boys’ I Can Hear Music and Goffin-King’s Goin’ Back. Of course this record has sunk into oblivion long time ago and this is no wonder that only a few were aware of its existence, but dew to The Very Best of Freddie Mercury Solo this rare songs are now available to every Freddie’s fan. This compilation also offers some of original tracks from his official albums. I Was Born to Love You, Mr. Bad Guy and Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow from his Mr. Bad Guy, where Freddie demonstrated his love to dance music he was surrounded by at that time and Barcelona, The Golden Boy and How Can I Go On? recorded in duet with Spanish opera diva Montserrat Caballe. There is also a remix on Living On My Own made in 1993 which became hit #1 at the same year, surprisingly, the only Freddie’s posthumous solo track that achieved the upper charts’ lines.

The album will be interesting to any Mercury’s admirer

In recognition of Freddie's own passion for new musical adventures and his love of the club music scene, for this release a number of his best loved tracks were handed over to some of today's most highly regarded up and coming international remixers: Pixel82, The Glimmers, George Demure, Sunshine People, Rank 1, Star Rider, No More Brothers and The Egg, all given an open brief to take Freddie's original and rework it in their own exclusive and unpredictable sound and style. The Very Best of Freddie Mercury Solo is a unique compilation of all possible versions of Freddie Mercury’s songs. It has everything that may rouse an interest of any and even most scrupulous fan. Variants of songs recorded in absolutely different Mercury’s life periods, songs with collaboration of guest performers and songs where Freddie sings along with his fortepiano only, songs recorded for albums and unheard raw samples. But the only and the basic thing remains the same, it is of unique voice and talent of the singer who has with no doubt handed an enormous legacy for the world music.

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