The idea of creating the Scottish post-punk rock band Franza Ferdinand came to its guitarist and vocalist Alex Kapranos. He was born and raised in Germany, but moved to the Great Britain when he was young. In Scotland, Alex studied the English literature and spent his free time playing music and promoting other musicians. He was good at persuading the painter Bob Hardy to replace painting with music and become a bassist in the future band of Alex. The drummer’s duty was to be taken by the professional pianist Nick McCarthy who relocated from motherland in Germany to Glasgow considering it the perfect place to build a musical career. Eventually, the kit was occupied by the former drummer of The Yummy Fur, Paul Thompson, Nick becoming a second guitarist.

The band received the Franz Ferdinand name inspired by the race horse the musicians used to bet on. They recollected its nickname ‘Archduke’ when they came across the information on the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination triggered the Word War First. The band held their first music experiments in an apartment of one of its members, which never satisfied his neighbors. The musicians were forced to look for the new rehearsal place and found it in an abandoned warehouse near the railroad. The exercises ran well and used to turn into improvised concerts for all those who wished to see them. The word of mouth made Franz Ferdinand known as far as in England, but even before than known to the police. Again, the rockers wee forced to seek a new shelter. For a short while, it was a half ruined courthouse building. However, the watchful law guards never left them alone. The story could have repeated many times if Franz Ferdinand had not signed a contract with the independent label Domino in summer 2003 to produce their first EP, Darts of Pleasure.

Early in 2004, Franz Ferdinand released their debut long player named after the band. This record was an excellent seller and ranked third in the UK. The major label Epic Records agreed to distribute the CD in the USA. Totally, this album sold over a million copies. Franz Ferdinand used the momentum to go on a large scale international tour, simultaneously collecting one prize after another, including the prestigious Mercury Music Prize and NME Award. This release was followed by the single Take Me Out issued in the early 2005. Shortly afterwards, the musicians received two BRIT Awards as Best British Band and Best Rock Act. Franz Ferdinand knew how to attract the audience. The core of their music was simply played rock igniting an unstoppable desire to dance. The musicians did not load their songs with sophisticated messages remaining incorrigible humorists on the stage and behind it. It is sufficient to say that the covers of their albums were executed in the manner of the USSR banners.

Up to the last moment before the release, Franz Ferdinand had intended to leave the second album unnamed. In the end, they decided to call it You Could Have It Much Better. The record hit the stores in October 2005. Although the critics were deeply impressed by the debut work, they unanimously proclaimed the sophomore album better than its strong predecessor. It debuted first in the UK charts and reached the eighth position in the USA, Franz Ferdinand became a much desirable collaborator for many performers, even those far from the rock music industry, like Kanye West or Snoop Dog. In 2007 the band escaped to the studio to work on the third album. This process was dragged out by the heavy concert schedule of the group. Nevertheless, Franz Ferdinand released the new album in winter 2009.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand was a concept album of 12 songs dealing with a night of partying. The album was more of a dance than a rock record. It kicked-off with the danceable club pop track Ulysses, highlighted the song about jealousy and loneliness Turn It On, epic Lucid Dreams and a closing ballad Katherine Kiss Me.

Studio Albums

Franz Ferdinand, Always Ascending mp3Always Ascending
  • Indie Rock
  • Dance-Punk
  • Alternative Dance
Franz Ferdinand, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (Special Edition) mp3Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (Special Edition)
Franz Ferdinand has decided to work much more profoundly on the third record. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand has proved to be a bit experimental absorbing the influences of several genres and directions at the same time
    Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have It So Much Better mp3You Could Have It So Much Better
    You Could Have It So Much Better shows that the band's style has matured and developed. The band grows closer to the sound they seem to be trying for. This album should further fortify your fondness for the amiable Scots
    • Indie Rock
    • Post-Punk
    • Dance-Punk
    Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand mp3Franz Ferdinand
    • Indie Rock
    • Post-Punk
    • Dance-Punk
    • Pop/Rock