Complete Me

Studio Album by released in 2009
Complete Me's tracklist:
In Step
Better Of As 2
Gotta Boyfriend
Confusion Girl (Shame Shame Shame)
Your Boy
When You're Around
3 Little Words
Wonder Woman
Complete Me
Vacant Heart
Done Done
Time Will Tell
Run Away From Trouble

Complete Me review

Frankmusik definitely has a brilliant future ahead

Vincent Frank professionally known as Frankmusik is undoubtedly a sensational phenomenon in the XXI century music culture. The audience liked this British nugget not only for his unusual image – a stylish hair cut and provoking outfit but mainly for a simple reason that this guy seems to have found how to render the most sincere and undisguised feelings in music. His debut album Complete Me is practically entirely devoted to relationship and is filled with such a charge of emotions that one unwillingly surprises what music editors he has managed to that with. In fact the album was recorded with a hit-making producer Stuart Price (Madonna) and is merely perfect. Of course it is yet too early to tell anything for sure but the absolute majority of critics agree that Frankmusik deserves the highest points as a composer, producer and vocalist. As for his vocals it is also a special subject – Frank’s falsetto so fashionable in the present days is as contagious as most of the topics he raises are close to the majority of his listeners for these topics are connected with preserving a relationship. The record Complete Me is certainly a must have in the collections of those fond of pop music of a good quality and its creator definitely has a brilliant future ahead and no less brilliant music career.

Each of the Complete Me 13 tracks is faultless

Despite that Complete Me release has been delayed several times it has been undoubtedly worth waiting for it. Besides, during the time Frankmusik joint effort with Stuart Price to make each of the album’s 13 tracks faultless so now we are only left to enjoy these amazing songs. On the whole whichever the moment on the record you choose all of them are sure to deserve your attention and give a great amount of positive emotions. The album opens with a danceable track In Step pleasing with both a contagious beat and an interesting melody, whereas Better Of As 2 is definitely one of the best club tracks you have heard lately. The same is true about Gotta Boyfriend on which the vocals sound in such an agreement with the lyrics that the protagonist’s feelings seem known and clear even to those who have never been in such a situation – getting to know a girl who already dates somebody. The composition Confusion Girl (Shame Shame Shame) is not only refined with an unusual vocal processing and a memorable tune but also the fiddle sounds quite appropriate here while a beautifully gentle ballad Your Boy is based upon the contrast of a soft accompaniment and emotional singing. Danceable numbers When You're Around, complicated and harmonious at the same time, and the hit 3 Little Words, striking with the stunningly emotional singing are also among the album’s highlights. A splendid electronic track Wonder Woman is worthy of Robbie William’s pen and the title songs is another piano ballad with an unforgettable vocal part. The club song Done Done full of despair and sadness conquers with a marvelous combination of tough beat and Frankmusik’s gentle falsetto and a multi-layered track Time Will Tell once again pleases with electronic effects and a most beautiful tune. The album closes with the ballad Run Away From Trouble, an example of both amazing vocal performance, a complicated beat and the impression of getting deep into emotions.

Even the laziest will be unable to remain in their seats

No doubt it costs a lot to become a sensation nowadays but Frankmusik seems to have managed it exactly because he never thought to impress anybody but simply expressed what he felt inside. Comparisons with Dan Black who took somebody else’s ideas as the basis and with La Rouxs whose music seems to be much less sincere against the background of Complete Me are rather expectable but they are utterly unable to draw the attention away from the main thing – the incredibly impressive debut album tracks. Although much has been done with the help of contemporary technique achievements Frank’s talent cannot remain unnoticed. It is hard to tell whether there is one best track on Complete Me as their absolute majority can easily become hits for all of them sound on one and the same contagious energy wave. Vivid beats, hearing which even the laziest will be unable to remain in their seats, catchy melodies and emotional singing – all of it is present on this excellent record which is sure to be followed by new masterpieces from Frankmusik. Another example of the importance of being yourself, this musician is definitely one we can count on in this respect without fear of being disappointed.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (11.08.2009)
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