Flight of the Conchords

Studio Album by released in 2008
Flight of the Conchords's tracklist:
Foux Du Fafa
Inner City Pressure
Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros (feat. Rhymenoceros and the Hiphopopotamus)
Think About It
Ladies of the World
The Prince of Parties
Leggy Blonde (feat. Rhys Darby)
A Kiss Is Not a Contract
The Most Beautiful Girl (in the Room)
Business Time
Au Revoir

Flight of the Conchords review

A much expected debut album of Flight Of The Conchords

One of the most well-known duo of the present days Flight of the Conchords consisting of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement from New Zealand has finally released its full length debut album. The guys have first become noticed by the audience after their BBC radio series where they performed with their music and jokes and then in 2007 a new television series on HBO series Flight Of The Conchords that tells a story of McKenzie and Clement’s way to the glory. Often invited to perform on stage the band has already gained much popularity on both sides of the Atlantic and its first album has been quite much expected. All the tracks on Flight Of The Conchords are taken from the series, and although some of the audience’s favorites have not made it to the album there are enough great moments on it to satisfy the most sophisticated listeners. Applying various singing techniques characteristic of folk, rap and rock genres, and also singing a capella the guys have attracted an enormous fan base to them and their characters have become favorites of a great number of viewers.

Flight Of The Conchords leaves the listener with a smile on one’s face

It goes without saying that Flight Of The Conchords is the funniest record you have ever heard. The album opens with a nice calm composition Foux Du Fafa in French presenting a dialogue with little sense in it, and Inner City Pressure is obviously inspired by Pet Shop Boys songs, being a monotonous flow of words among which however interesting witticisms are hidden, so the song wants more than one listening. The highlight has become Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rymenoceros, it is not only the funniest song on the album but also the most danceable one refined with hand claps and guitar playing the contagious rhythm. A more serious track Think About It draws attention to social problems and here the duo demonstrates unexpected vocal skills that are sure to conquer the listeners. An R&B anthem to the female part of mankind Ladies Of The World cannot but arouse a smile for sounding exaggeratedly ambitious, and a mocking song The Prince Of Parties is refined with a flute and some unusual sounds that add to the unserious mood. Pretending to be the break up song Leggy Blonde featuring Rhys Darby is a careless message to the girl who is not in the character’s life any more. Dance song Boom is full of clichés typical of hot club songs but reminds rather of a children’s joyful song from a cartoon about Africa, while ballad The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) is once again far from a serious love confession for its lyrics is aimed completely at entertaining the listeners. Track Business Time depicts the pictures of living together with an accent on unnecessary details, while song entitled Bowie is obviously devoted to the famous artist and is stylized as his music, and the album closes with a short good-bye Au Revoir leaving the listener with a smile on one’s face.

A great start of a music career

Today it is necessary to have a special approach to music and creative work on the whole in order to be defined from the rest of young performers whose number is growing constantly. Studying the art of film and theatre at the university Bret and Jemaine owned a flat together and soon realized that with the sense of humor both of them possessed they did have something to entertain the bored audience with. Receiving several awards for its music and comedy show including Grammy Flight of the Conchords the guys are obviously not going to put a full stop here. The songs’ texts filled with exact life observations often drawing attention to topical issues please both with witty rhymes and extremely clear humor. The chosen image of such fools allows Flight Of The Conchords to tell the truth of many serious things bravely and this component of its creative work stands high. Even being first of all a comedian album the music on it combining several directions at once will make many feel delight. Now Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are not only the series characters but also real artists, and their music career is starting just great.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (04.05.2008)
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