Studio Albums

Fantasia, Sketchbook mp3Sketchbook
  • Contemporary R&B
  • Pop Soul
Fantasia, The Definition Of... mp3The Definition Of...
  • Contemporary R&B
Fantasia, Side Effects of You mp3Side Effects of You
  • Contemporary R&B
Fantasia, Back To Me mp3Back To Me
Traditionally, suffering is compensated by girl power statements and stories of romantic side of relationships on Fantasia's third album Back To Me. Each composition on Back To Me is an example of what it means to put emotions into your singing
    Fantasia, Fantasia mp3Fantasia
    It seems that the American Idol 2004 winner Fantasia decided to get rid from a legacy of the show. After cutting all ties with American Idol's management and her second solo album release, she makes it clear that she can be a self-dependent artist
    • Art Rock
    • Progressive Rock
    Fantasia, Free Yourself mp3Free Yourself
    • Progressive Rock