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To All New Arrivals

Studio Album by released in 2006
To All New Arrivals's tracklist:
Spiders, Crocodiles & Kryptonite
Music Matters
Nate's Tune
I Hope
Last This Day
To All New Arrivals
Hope & Glory
A Kind of Peace
The Man in You

To All New Arrivals review

Faithless is the successful collaboration of the talented people

Faithless is the collaboration of the talented and versatile people. Gathered together in 1995, they could occupy their own deserving place on the Olympus of fame. Faithless consists of Rollo Armstrong (producer, remixer), Sister Bliss (vocalist, DJ, remixer) and Maxi Jazz (vocalist). In different times in the band were working the vocalist Jamie Catto, Rollo’s sister Dido and some more famous musicians. All together, they are a perfect team, which can give pleasure to their fans with the help of lyrical and lovely hits. And there is the next present for the audience. Immediately after their last successful album No Roots, Faithless brought into the world the fifth project To All New Arrivals. The album was created after the phenomenal response Faithless received when they went on their Greatest Hits tour, to which they originally described as their “final tour”. The title of To All New Arrivals was chosen not by chance. During the work on the album, Sister Bliss was expecting her first child (born the week the album was finished), Rollo’s second baby had just been born as recording commenced and Maxi Jazz had no choice and he approved the title. Seemingly, To All New Arrivals dedicates to the children and there is a theme in the lyrical content of innocence and purity.

To All New Arrivals - some lyrics and electronics and “music of positive”

The new record has 11 compositions. To All New Arrivals is full of lyrics and love, on the one hand, and tells us about the cruelty in our world (terrorism, poverty, war), on the other hand. To All New Arrivals is opened by the composition Bombs and the chorus “so much love and so much pain, so much more than I thought this world could ever contain”. Bombs is a highlight track in the album, where Faithless uses some notes of beat and rap. The compositions To All New Arrivals and Hope and Glory can’t leave anyone indifferent. The words alone count for a lot: “To all new arrivals, we love you, we’d die for you”. After listening to the song The Man In You, and not only this track, we can understand, that the unreserved leader of singing is the vocalist Maxi Jazz. He can give all his energy and positive emotions through the melody and words. Closing instrumental number To All New Arrivals Emergency is indicative the title of the record and the mood of the band: some lyrics and electronics, “music of positive” and ghostly rap.

Faithless have always done what they believe matters

Who knows only a little information about the live of Faithless is confident that there is no other such a band, which can turn their listeners into the mass of people, hoping in the better in the world. Faithless knows, that nobody is better that they are: melodious, but at the same time energetic, they are not afraid of experiments. They are not scared to say openly what they feel: “To All New Arrivals”, says Rollo, “was the easiest to record since our first, Reverence; we know what we are doing is relevant, what we have to say is worth saying”. Fashions come and go, but Faithless have stood in their corner and created their own fashion in music. To All New Arrivals is a big, warm, hugely confident album, which gives an emotional up-lift to everyone who listens to such a lovely music. Faithless have always done what they believe matters and on this album they have done it in a beautiful and brilliant way.

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