And Winter Came...

Studio Album by released in 2008
And Winter Came...'s tracklist:
And Winter Came...
Journey Of The Angels
White Is In The Winter Night
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Trains And Winter Rains
Dreams Are More Precious
Last Time By Moonlight
One Toy Soldier
Stars And Midnight Blue
Spirit Of Christmas Past
My! My! Time Flies!
Oiche Chiuin (Chorale)

And Winter Came... review

Another Christmas collection in Enya’s discography

The Irish New Age singer Enya’s creative work is meant for all who enjoys calm, relaxing and peaceful music. Yet in 2005 she released a much courageous record Amarantine on which she let herself set aside her quiet self and gave the world some more energetic pieces. Nevertheless the step was timid but rather original. Probably not eager to embarrass her fans with the unexpected braveness any more Enya has decied to hit the beaten track this year. There are already several Christmas collections in her discography and the new album And Winter Came… joins them successfully. This time the artist sings not only of the world’s beloved holiday but also of the season when it is celebrated. A delightful winter atmosphere is created on And Winter Came… with bells, numerous snow descriptions and choir singing Christmas melodies. Enya’s wonderful vocals are simply perfect for the music of the kind and the beautiful arrangements add a special charm to it.

And Winter Came... consists of almost all brand new tracks

Although Enya already has got a lot of Christmas theme songs it seems to inspire her so much that And Winter Came... proves to be a collection of almost all brand new tracks except for the final one. Though most of the songs on the album are unhurried and tranquil many of them are sure to give you the creeps for Enya’s clear voice sounds too heartfelt. The album opens with the title composition that sets the tone of the whole album: it is a gentle instrumental composition with keyboards playing the main theme refined only with Enya’s vocals without any words which appear only on the following track Journey Of The Angels. A bit livelier song White Is In The Winter Night is built on the device the singer would use in the beginning of her career, i.e. layering of the vocal parts, and a track sung in Latin O Come, O Come, Emmanuel is one of the best on the record pleasing both with a splendid singing and a colorful arrangement refined with bells. The first single off the album Trains And Winter Rains is remarkable for an excellent memorable tune and an orchestra instrumental background; quite emotional and vivid it is destined to become a hit. A magically ethereal song Last Time By Moonlight and somewhat sad Stars And Midnight Blue paint beautiful winter landscapes while My! My! Time Flies!, devoted to the late Jimmy Faulkner does not only please with the speediest rhythm on the record but also with an absolutely amazing electric guitar solo. The album closes with a new version of song Oiche Chiuin which Enya first sang exactly 20 years ago, a famous Christmas hymn Silent Night but in the Gaelic language.

Music is the reflection of a modest and romantic nature

It goes without saying that such performers as Enya make really beautiful music able to make even the worst evening a nice one. Her songs are so good for relaxation and so inspiring that one just needs to turn on a CD or put on the headphones and life becomes worth living. One can hardly find simple contagious pop melodies or unexpected beats on any of her creations for all of her music is the reflection of her modest and romantic nature. Nevertheless the singer’s songs are catchy, too, remaining somewhere in the depth of our conscious and accompanying us all the time as a light and unobtrusive background. No doubt the same will happen with And Winter Came... Enya’s fragile voice and a cautious manner of performance refines each track on the record and the lyrics wonderfully rich in images is perfect for this unearthly music. The eternal tandem of Nick Ryan and Roma Ryan have produced and co-written the songs so the success of And Winter Came... can be guaranteed, besides, this is Enya’s seventh studio album, and it is no secret that 7 is a happy number.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (17.11.2008)
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