A posteriori

Studio Album by released in 2006
A posteriori's tracklist:
Eppur si muove
Feel Me Heaven
Dreaming of Andromeda
Dancing With Mephisto
Northern Lights
Invisible Love
Message From Io
Hello and Welcome
20.000 Miles Over the Sea
Sitting on the Moon
The Alchemist
Goodbye Milky Way

A posteriori review

Enigma’s music is evolving with each album released

A talented composer and inventive producer, Michael Cretu has become known worldwide for his project Enigma that he created in 1990 together with his wife Sandra Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson. The music of Enigma is recognized everywhere, in many ways due to the eternal themes the musicians touch upon in their albums: sensuality, love and innocence. Generally both the audience and the critics have highly acclaimed all the project’s five albums, and this September Michael Cretu has presented the world with his new masterpiece called A Posteriori. Unlike the previous record Voyageur, which has been the most pop-influenced, there are not many vocals on the new work, and in all the instrumental compositions one can feel the flavor of Cretu’s very first creations. A Posteriori has all the hypnotic and celestial sounding of Enigma, and the fans will be glad to hear the legendary opening phrase ‘Good evening. This is the voice of Enigma’ here. This time vocalists sing of the whole universe, the state the humanity is in now and draw our attention to the space. No doubt Enigma’s music is evolving with each album released and A Posteriori can be righfully called the project’s best album so far.

A Posteriori presents a unity of time and space

The first track from A Posteriori that the audience came to hear in 2005 was Hello And Welcome, (just for a change, its new version is presented on the record), and the official lead single is Goodbye Milky Way. Both songs deserve to be unleashed outside the album, but there are enough of other unique compositions on the album as well. Michael Cretu has created artificial voices that add mystery to the atmosphere of the album. A Posteriori presents a unity of time and space; it embraces simultaneously the remote past and the unknown future and passes through all the elements. Take, for instance, the opening track: Eppur Si Muove, meaning ‘And yet it moves’, is what Galileo Galilei exclamed centuries ago about the Earth, and the song Dreaming Of Andromeda invites us to even earlier times of antiquity. The unforgettable melody of another breathtaking composition Dancing With Mephisto interweaves with the words to end up as an indivisible harmony of voice and music, while the pulsatile trance track Feel Me Heaven blends all of Michael Cretu’s early creations. Guitar featured dance song Invisible Love pleases with the composer’s powerful vocals, and dynamic The Alchemist is going to become many listeners’ favorite song on A Posteriori. Another candidate for this status is a beautiful peaceful composition 20,000 Miles Over The Sea, yet on the whole there is not a single failure track on A Posteriori.

Music that quickens imagination

The Latin expression a posteriori means ‘based on experience, empirical’, and hence the name of Enigma’s new album may symbolize the conclusion made by its creators after some significant period of time. On the other hand, many treat it as the hint that Michael Cretu is going to sum up all that he has done before and perhaps take a time-out. However, if one listens to the album carefully and more than once, one realizes, that its tracks are devoted to different notional events in human history and to the legends of the past that might have helped people to draw the moral. There are not many words actually sung on A Posteriori, yet it is enough to give the necessary mood and involve you to reflection. The most unusual thing is that these serious ideas are submerged into the magic atmosphere of vivid images and mindbending tunes. The ambient sounding and special audio effects serve as a bridge, which passes the listeners to an unforgettable journey. Michael Cretu has once again created a collection of music that makes people believe in miracles, brings many interesting thoughts to their minds and quickens their imagination. A Posteriori is the album you have been longing for and can now enjoy it setting your fantasy free.

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