Studio Album by released in 2010
Lights's tracklist:
Guns and Horses
Starry Eyed
This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Under the Sheets
The Writer
Every Time You Go
Wish I Stayed
Your Biggest Mistake
I'll Hold My Breath
Salt Skin

Lights review

No right to stumble

The music industry history has a number of cases when some of young performers could be sure about commercial success of their upcoming debut records even without having any official releases made before. The 23-year-old singer Ellie Goulding seems to have come from this very category as she may have no worries about the sales of her first long player, Lights. The conditions for growing the audience’s interest to her music and personality as well as gathering a huge following was nicely prepared. And the reason is that Ellie topped the BBC Sound Of 2010 rating, a massive poll to find the most promising young performers. After signing her first professional contract with a musical label, the singer prepared her debut CD within a very short period of time and released it early in 2010. Working in the field of pop-music, Goulding does not look to crush stereotypes or arrange a revolution. Her goal now is to release a powerful and emotional album with catchy melodies and vocals that would become her distinctive character.

Pop music plus something else

Lights is a sheer pop music product. The folder features the singer’s face as her name catches your attention much faster than the title of the record. Indeed, the purpose of the CD is, first of all, promoting the Ellie Goulding trademark and then her music. Ten tracks together last less than forty minutes; and this is not as bad as one might think in the beginning. In the end, a good album that has no fillers does not have to be longer. The featured songs have two standout hits, the singles Starry Eyed, and Under The Sheets. Both are placed in the first half of the album, which secures it an impressive start. Fascinated by such a good beginning, the listener is destined to want to listen it up to the end. The Writer, and Every Time You Go betray Goulding musical roots. These piano-ridden compositions reveal tangible folk-music influence, a media where Ellie feels herself especially comfortable. The album’s closing track goes even farther aside from pop-music standards. Salt Skin –is the longest track here and has a singular futuristic atmosphere with a wide range of particular sounds as if stolen from the life of an unknown city from the times far ahead of today.

Live up to the expectations of millions

Lights is a perfect explanation why it was Ellie Goulding who found herself number one in the list of the best young performers compiled according to the views of a great deal of musical critics. It has little to do with her singing. The girl has a pleasant voice to hear, yet you could manage to find those who could beat here in this game. The same goes with her appearance. She looks amazing, but the musical stage has always been flooded by beauties. Experts and ordinary listeners regarded highly Goulding’s other qualities too. Listening to her debut album leaves a very powerful impression similar to the ones produced by the works of experienced masters. It appears so that Goulding possesses a unique instinct, so rare for her age, that helps her to know the best way for each and every song to sound. All her voice intonations form a perfect match to the music content and lyrical meanings of her tracks. As an author, she demonstrates fantastic confidence when it comes to the choice of the right words for expressing her thoughts. You will never suspect her of stealing someone else’s ideas or singing about what never concerns her. And you have to admit, in pop-music, many act just the opposite way. Sure, the first place in a BBC poll is a great honor and grand pleasure. But, on the other hand, it’s a huge responsibility too. Ellie Goulding was supposed to release something much more than just a debut album. This work had to justify all the trust that was put in her, prove her ambitions and talent. Lights seems exactly to do so.

Alex Bartholomew (05.03.2010)
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