An End Has a Start

Studio Album by released in 2007
An End Has a Start's tracklist:
Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
An End Has a Start
The Weight of the World
When Anger Shows
The Racing Rats
Push Your Head Towards the Air
Escape the Nest
Well Worn Hand

An End Has a Start review

Solve the problems as they appear

There exist two dilemmas any young band is doomed to face during early stages of career. The first is critical comparisons and copycat accusations; the second - a post breakthrough album. Usually, this inevitable rock'n'roll life costs appear in this very sequence and the case of Birmingham based indie band Editors was not an exception. It is worth admitting that they coped with the first problem quite easily. Despite constant comparisons with Joy Division the band still managed to relieve themselves from the heavy load of charge of imitation. Mass media still puts their names side-by-side but the context has changed a lot. Today Editors are associated with a modern indie division to a noticeably greater extent, and Joy Division are usually mentioned for the sake of appearance, lest they should forget. As for the second problem, the process is in a full swing. For those who are unaware the information is as follows: Editors released their debut album The Back Room in 2005, it was critically acclaimed and became another indie debut sales hit. The album was notable for its qualitative sound and the band defined themselves with a number of distinguishing features, in particular, simple but attractive bass lines and dolefully gothic vocals. So, two years after, that is now, Editors recorded their second album An End Has A Start and therefore now there is only one thing that separates Editors from the final solution of the aforementioned second dilemma and that is how this album will be taken by the audience.

Why reinvent the wheel

This is what Editors's singer/guitarist Tom Smyth said about An End Has A Start: "We've definitely moved on, it's definitely not the same record again." And that is how sees the situation. In reality there is almost nothing on An End Has A Start that you haven't heard on The Back Room. But this doesn't mean that the album is bad or something. An End Has A Start is a set of perfect mid tempo post punk songs all covered with a shadowy veil of sadness. Why invent something new when there is such a nice and reliable formula? This album is absolutely not a disappointment. Yes, perhaps Editors made an exact stylistic copy of their debut but this doesn't really matter when you come across these new songs. And probably some changes become prominent precisely from this viewpoint. The new compositions became more emotional and Editors began producing an impression of a noble and even wise band. The overall atmosphere grew deeper and became a little bit dreamier. Probably, these hazy changes couldn't be achieved if the band wouldn't have worked with the sound. The difference between two albums consists in the quality of sound exactly. The overall picture is pretty much the same but it performed in a more polished and smoothed way.

There are no bad songs on the album

The album offers piles of great songs that go one after another from the very beginning up to the record's end. It easier to name those numbers that sound not so good than to ennumirate great ones. However, if you are still suspicious about An End Has A Start you may try the album's official single Smockers Outside The Hospital Doors. This is quite examplifing yet not the greatest track here. The number of the very best here includes a self titled An End Has A Start, Bones and Racing Rats. The best harmonies and melodies of Editors were accumulated in these very tracks. By an accident coincidence these songs turned out to be the most intensive ones but this doesn't mean that Editors can't make good slow songs. The most of the tracks are performed in a mid or really unhurried tempo. Escape The Nest is a good example. This is one of the most uncharacteristic songs here, as it has a specific British indie flavor in its melody and atmosphere but just like it usually happens with Editors' songs you can't say exactly how this spirit was expressed. In order to draw a brief conclusion it will be quite suitable to use Tom Smyth's commentary about the album again: "It's much more ambitious. We never felt like we were going through any kind of difficult second album nonsense. We never hit any wall of "we don't have enough singles" or "that sounds shit". It was all very natural and easy-going." And here he is completely right. An End Has A Start is a very cohrent, qualitative and simply great record. Everything sounds simple and interesting. So if you like unhurried rock, indie or post-punk music, which hides a lot of sadness and mystery within itself then don't wait, check this album out, you may really like it.

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