Studio Album by released in 2011
Plus's tracklist:
The A Team
Grade 8
Wake Me Up
Small Bump
This The City
The City
Lego House
You Need Me, I Don't Need You
Kiss Me
Give Me Love

Plus review

Purposive movement

Ed Sheeran got acquainted with the music in his childhood. He began learning the art of guitar playing and writing songs, he was searching for his style and sources of inspiration. By 2005 the young musician decided to make a serious step: he issued the very first EP The Orange Room. That test of the pen did not bring the loud success to Sheeran, however the singer did not even think about despair. Soon Ed moved to London, where he started to perform a lot. Concerts every day, for any kind of audience. Sometimes it happened that there were only five people at his gigs. But the real, honest art will always find its way. Ed kept on playing and writing new compositions and issuing mini-albums. The artist went to the East Coast of the US, to Los-Angeles, in 2010. The city welcomed the musician and his concerts were gaining popularity. Ed was invited to the radio-show and, and a bit later something really important and life-changing happened to the young musician. Sheeran was offered a contract and a priceless opportunity to approve himself. Ed caught that chance and did his best to make the record demonstrate all his potential.

Plus – well-deserved breakthrough

It took Ed a long time to establish and to develop his unique style, and now the artist enjoys sharing his emotions and songs with the listeners. The record’s opening act is a well-known to music lovers composition The A Team, which had been released previously as a single. That optimistic and aethereal track is probably the best way to open an album. Moreover it demonstrates perfectly Sheeran’s outstanding performing skills. Well, a great number of concerts played their role: the young musician got the truly priceless experience. Every song on that long play is based on an interesting guitar part, but Drunk, U.N.I and other songs do not copy each other. Also the fancy arrangements encolor compositions absolutely differently. Ed managed to create beautiful acoustic summer ballads, songs with notes of rhythm and blues and warm soul compositions. All these are well flavored by the professional vocals and rememberable lyrics. The performer definitely has something to share with his audience.

Ed Sheeran – optimist and romantic

For some people it is easy to achieve the mainstream success, for others it is difficult. Somebody has that kind of aim; others do not even try to get to the grass-roots. Ed Sheeran just has been doing what he loves to do and he had pleased listeners with his songs since 2005. When the time to show his strength on the world stage came, he firmly stood his ground. Optimism and romanticism turned out to be the artist’s best recognizable features. These qualities are especially valuable nowadays and they are so distinctive against the background of tracks, overloaded by digital effects and recorded with the help of autotune and dozens of post-studio processing. Lego House and Give Me Love are the real, vivid songs. They bring emotions to listeners and prove that one does not have to call for the symphony orchestra to record a good song. Sheeran knows the essence of quite simple, but high-quality music, and it feels like Plus is just the beginning.

Danil Chernovalov (26.09.2011)
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