Signed and Sealed in Blood

Studio Album by released in 2013
Signed and Sealed in Blood's tracklist:
The Boys Are Back
Prisoner's Song
Rose Tattoo
Jimmy Collins' Wake
The Season's Upon Us
The Battle Rages On
Don't Tear Us Apart
My Hero
Out On The Town
Out Of Our Heads
End Of The Night

Signed and Sealed in Blood review

Boys from Dropkick Murphys are back and looking for trouble

In 1996, three brave men - Mike McColgan, Ken Casey and Rick Barton founded crazy, incendiary band Dropkick Murphys in Boston, Massachusetts. The band's songs are popular among many social movements and civil society organizations and activist subcultures. And even despite the fact that the members of the group changed a lot of times. From album to album the guys always managed to keep that insanely energetic, positive atmosphere of universal fun and holiday with their branded sound of bagpipes and other exotic instruments such as mandolin and tin whistle. As for the music style of Dropkick Murphys, then it is definitely punk and oi!. If we talk about the vocals, it's strong, powerful, stormy with various combination of tempo from frenzied to a measured and melodic. The lyrics used by Dropkick Murphys are not only full of violence, whiskey and rocking, but also include such high ideas as religion, home and family. This is an explosive cocktail! In short, it is pressed, dosed Ireland, with all its traditions, holidays, fights, prayers and alcohol. Signed and Sealed in Blood will be the eighth album of Boston punks. August 31, 2012 LP was announced, and 8 January 2013 it saw the light. For a long time, they fueled audience's interest. Of course, we expect that the guys are still rocking and true to the style using which they received such recognition. Let's start listening to the new creation of Dropkick Murphys, which is Signed and Sealed in Blood.

Signed and Sealed in Blood - a holiday which is always with me

Without many words, Dropkick Murphys get down to business. LP starts with the song The Boys Are Back – lively, bold, brazen and crazy music that accelerates on the move to the middle of the track gradually becomes connected with such instruments as bagpipes, guitars and then with the first strike of drums, we hear the same old voice of Mr. Barr. It did not change at all, it is strong and groovy. Oh, nothing can hold you from dancing! Sprightly and devastatingly powerful track lasts for 3 minutes and 20 seconds. But this song does not end the holiday! Just not with the well-known Irish spirit of Dropkick Murphys. The mood is followed up by the Prisoner’s Song, which has this killer, merry melody that takes us in the times of taverns, pubs, sailors, pirates, gallows and prisons. The dynamics of the song can be compared to an old explosive I'm Shipping Up To Boston. It has its everything - melody, rhythm and bagpipes. How these guys manage to put such an amount of energetics and positive mood in their songs? Even after listening to the songs of The Season's Upon Us type, the involuntarily smile appears on your face. Yes, there are listed all the ills that have fallen on the bitter lot of the protagonist. But it is Christmas Eve! So why being sad? Everything in the song is written and outplayed in such kind and hearty manner that despite of all the misfortunes you just want to laugh. Complete freedom is definitely a wonderful feeling. And it is this sense that Dropkick Murphys give us on their holiday album Signed and Sealed in Blood.

A piece of good old Ireland

After listening to the album, there is a strong desire to migrate to Ireland, or to the Irish quarter, generally speaking, to all this atmosphere of piety, violence, holidays, constant fighting and whiskey. Most definitely it is clear that using songs of this group it is going to be hard to arrange a peaceful event, like a reading evening, and you of course should forget about the romantic spirit. But Dropkick Murphys will blow any party, stag and never get you bored. They are so energetic and so cheerful guys that you willy-nilly yield in front of their mood. And believe, this mood will entrench for the day or two, and with due support in the form of regular listening it will never leave you. Album Signed and Sealed in Blood cannot be called revolutionary, or the one that opens up a new styles and new horizons. This is good old Celtic punk that band rocks for many years. This is a special feeling, a special atmosphere, but not a breakthrough of the year. This album is a kind of continuation of the previous Going Out in Style, and not only this one, but many other albums of this explosive, positive group. And Dropkick Murphys band is a kind of elixir against everyday problems, against the working routine and repetitive eroding depression. The group that along of its history despite of frequent changes in the band and despite of the criticism of standardized, circulating sound, continues to exist, to harp on and produce such albums as Signed and Sealed in Blood, that is why it is really worth of all the praises in the world.

Artem Pronichev (14.01.2013)
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