Studio Album by released in 2010
Asylum's tracklist:
The Infection
Another Way to Die
Never Again
The Animal
My Child
Leave It Alone
Down With the Sickness (live)
Stricken (live)

Asylum review

Another attack from Disturbed

Disturbed is a band without drawbacks to stand for the whole genre. These guys are responsible not only for the music they make, but for the entire hard rock of new generation; because as long as there are such powerful outfits as Disturbed, no one will claim that this music has no future. A decade ago, they exploded the stage with their debut release; and ever since the band has not given a single ground to question their excellence. This, indeed, is hard rock, and if you get down to describing it in more details, you are likely to come up mistaken selecting the right terminology. The things these men need are heavy guitars, destructive drums, thundering bass and aggressive vocals, while the rest is nuances no one really cares about. And if you think you life has become too happy, or your nightmares have taken a long-time rest to leave your mental health alone, you are certainly in great need of Disturbed’s new album, Asylum. The fifth full-length record from the American band is an extremely interesting work to please the band’s old and new followers as well as all those who believe in heavy music.

Classic sound and remarkable experiments on Asylum

The musicians of Disturbed did not hurt themselves or displease their following with any drastic changes in their style. The music basis of Disturbed remained the same on Asylum, while the material of the new album proves to be more variegated and complex than the set of the previous release, Indestructible. The band’s new record is opened by the instrumental Remnants. Disturbed have never been noticed making voiceless stuff before. Besides, the lack of the voice is made up for with excellent melodiousness so similar to what Metallica used to do in the beginning. The Disturbed crew also took care of tempo making some of the tracks really fast (The Infection, or Innocence), and the others – uncharacteristically dragging (Another Way To Die, Sacrifice). Where you have a breakneck speed, the structure is simple; and the slower material is much more complicated. This diversity prevents the tracks from fusing into an inseparable whole, but allows you to memorize them quickly and enjoy the listening even more. Speaking about the execution and technical aspects of instrumental performance, you are not going to find many new things. However, at some instants, you will discover attempts to bring in borrowings from traditions of more mature and experienced musicians. The Animal contains a very beautiful and difficult solo done in the progressive metal manner. Never Again is based on a galloping rhythm, the one so much loved by the esteemed old-timers from Iron Maiden.

Disturbed: more scale, more attractiveness, more power

In conclusion, those caring about Disturbed, may release a long sigh of relief. Even if there were those who shared dark thought about the band’s inside crisis, the new album crushes all such ideas. There is one good word to describe Asylum, and this is MORE. There are more interesting musical findings here, more hit-like songs and even more topics discussed in the lyrics. Disturbed used to focus on social and political problems of the modern world; but on Asylum they also looked back in the history to recall Holocaust (Never Again), paid attention to global warming (Another Way To Die) and wrote a couple of songs about horror movie monsters (The Animal, and Serpentine). Asylum is an exquisite combination of melodiousness, energy and emotiveness. Disturbed have once again stated their reputation and are getting ready to play the new set live. Sounding perfect as studio material, these songs should blow the minds of those who will come to the band’s concerts. The musicians may certainly be proud of their last to date product and should be working really hard to make their next album just as good.

Alex Bartholomew (06.09.2010)
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