Swing Lo Magellan

Studio Album by released in 2012
Swing Lo Magellan's tracklist:
Offspring Are Blank
About To Die
Gun Has No Trigger
Swing Lo Magellan
Just From Chevron
Dance For You
Maybe That Was It
Impregnable Question
See What She Seeing
The Socialites
Unto Caesar
Irresponsible Tune

Swing Lo Magellan review

Dirty Projectors are extremely good at experiments

Indie-rock is very popular nowadays. Among the listeners of that genre there are people of different age and social groups. It seems that they are united by only one thing: they love all that is unusual and everything that goes beyond certain limits of this or that style. Sure, it goes without saying that this kind of music can be written only by those musicians, who are not afraid of experimenting. Especially when these very experiments deal with absolutely everything, from instruments to the concept of rock music itself. Thereby Dirty Projectors take a notable place on the indie-stage. It all started at the beginning of a new millennium, when the band’s leader, Dave Longstreth, released his own debut album called The Graceful Fallen Mango. This was a long play that proved to be a point of origin for the group Dirty Projectors, which was formed a bit later. Nevertheless, The Graceful Fallen Mango can serve as a great example of how it all started: hi-fi and lo-fi productions, kaleidoscope of styles from acoustic tracks to hard-rock and, of course, experimental rock. With time all these amazing attributes migrated to Dirty Projectors’ creativity. Their first long play titled The Glad Fact saw the light in 2003. The musicians had so many ideas to realize that they kept on pleasing fans with new works pretty often. In 2012 the rockers presented their sixth studio attempt called Swing Lo Magellan.

Swing Lo Magellan – a treasure for lovers of all unusual

What shall we expect from the new record of Dirty Projectors? Those who had already had an opportunity to get acquainted with this band’s art know very well that it is useless to conjecture. It is much easier to press the play button and to enjoy a brand new album. It is opened by a song Offspring Are Blank, which includes such sweet features as choral singing, interesting rhythm and surprisingly thick and even heavy guitar sound. Then goes a great track About To Die, which had been recorded with the help of many instruments. That took the traditional rock selection and quite exotic instruments, such as violins, banjo and many others. Gun Has No Trigger is a highly emotional song, where the main role is played by vocals. Arrangements only emphasize the power of the voice and help listeners concentrate on the lyrics. By the way, Dirty Projectors’ lyrics have always been not less interesting than the musical essence, so it is important to pay attention to what the rockers want to tell us. The long play’s main theme, Swing Lo Magellan, will please with its mid tempo and incredible melodiousness. All in all Swing Lo Magellan turned out to be rather miscellaneous but truly fascinating. However, this is not a big surprise, as soon as Longstreth himself stated that he found the inspiration in absolutely various musical directions. Of course it had its impacts on the album’s atmosphere.

Indie-rock at its finest

Well, Dirty Projectors managed to create another outstanding album that will not be ignored by lovers of original music. It seems hardly possible that songs from Swing Lo Magellan will be in the air of radio stations from all over the world all the time, but unlikely that lots of people are actually waiting for that. Members of Dirty Projectors understand that their creativity does not fit a radio format, while the band’s faithful fans will be listening to the group’s new songs in completely different conditions, and that is why: indie-rock, due to its personal touch, needs attention and understanding. Thus, one should get acquainted with the long play Swing Lo Magellan in a comfortable atmosphere, listening carefully to the elaborated networks of sounds, arrangements and vocal parts. Dirty Projectors keep on pleasing us with new ideas, and Swing Lo Magellan is not an exception. Excellent quality, great realization and traditional surprises will not leave indie-rock lovers untouched. So if you enjoy and appreciate unusual ideas, then Dirty Projectors are about to bring you a lot of positive emotions, there is no doubt about it.

Danil Chernovalov (16.07.2012)
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