Romance at Short Notice

Studio Album by released in 2008
Romance at Short Notice's tracklist:
Buzzards & Crows
Hippy's Son
Plastik Hearts
Tired of England
Come Closer
Fault Lines
Kicks or Consumption
Best Face
Truth Begins
Chinese Dogs
The North
Blood on My Shoes

Romance at Short Notice review

Active life by Dirty Pretty Things

When Carl Barat was leaving The Libertines with a scandal, not many people could suppose he would be able to gather a new command that fast. Moreover, even less persons expected Dirty Pretty Things to release such a strong album as Waterloo To Anywhere. This wonderful debut of 2006 was so boisterous and energetic that the listeners eagerly anticipated the follow-up. However, soon after the Waterloo To Anywhere release, the quartet headed on a tour around the United Kingdom and the USA. They also made appearances at several famous festivals. Due to the intense touring schedule, Dirty Pretty Things did not have time for the new work during the whole 2006. Besides, known for his alcohol abuse, Barat broke his collarbone, falling from a motorcycle. In order to continue the North American tour, Dirty Pretty Things had to hire Josh Hubbard from The Paddingtons, who substituted Carl on the guitar. In October 2006, Barat became the guest vocalist at several rock releases. After all, the musicians got to the record of their second attempt Romance At Short Notice only in the summer of 2007. However, the planned for the beginning of 2008 long-play was postponed due to the production problems and later on the account of Barat’s hospitalization. The last event resulted in the cancellation of several performances by the band. Luckily, the long-awaited album Romance At Short Notice hit the shelves at last.

Romance At Short Notice: the album worth expectation

Romance At Short Notice is definitely the release that was worth waiting for. Tuneful and refreshing, it immediately hit the listeners with the single Tired Of England, elaborated in the traditions of The Kinks. This album strengthened the gang-of-bad-guys image of Dirty Pretty Things with both the songs lyrics and fiery play. The disc is opened with the ironical and full of punk nihilism track Buzzards & Crows. It followed by the autobiographical, emotional and cynical at the same time Hippy’s Son, the second single from the album. The composition titled Faultlines charms with its melodic decisions - the chorus of the song is its undoubted decoration. On the track Kicks Or Consumption, which has elements of progressive punk in the sound, Barat wittily tells the audience about the musical circles and their inhabitants. It is even possible to find lines in the song that are devoted to the times of The Libertines and the conflict with Pete Doherty - it seems like Carl is still having his sweet revenge upon the former collective with the help of his poetic weapons. The touching acoustic ballad The North let Barat demonstrate his piercing vocals on the full strength. The melody and sound of The North fascinate too - it is one of the best things on Romance At Short Notice. The album closer is the stylish and daring composition Blood On My Shoes, which perfectly fits to finish the disc with grace and decisiveness.

Going out of The Libertines’ shadow

The full-length Romance At Short Notice still has imperfect moments, but it’s strongly felt that Dirty Pretty Things did a great job since the times of Waterloo To Anywhere edition. The artists play in harmony, the collective soul got more evident on this album, especially on the track Chinese Dogs. Besides, there are almost no week numbers in the material - even those songs that seem inferior at the first sight, one can later find interesting moments and original decisions. It all goes without noticing Barat’s lyrics, which has always been his strong side. Verses on the album Romance At Short Notice are full of the artist’s venom, even overshadowing some of his roulades, written as part of The Libertines. The sound of the long-play can be best described as the indie-rock and signals that Dirty Pretty Things found their style of performing. The only thing that disturbs is the constant, although unwilling, comparing of the Dirty Pretty Things creativity with the corresponding progress of The Babyshambles, lead by Pete Doherty, and even more - with the old good The Libertines. In spite of the great band shadow over them, Dirty Pretty Things honorably manage to fit the quality standards. Both albums by this group became the worthy input into the collection of British rock. It is wonderful when on the ruins of a legendary collective appears such a good band like this one and builds its own discography.

Ninelle Kazakoff (11.07.2008)
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