Lala 2.0

Studio Album by released in 2010
Lala 2.0's tracklist:
Just a File
No Story
No Lie
Duck & Cover
When No Words Come
Slums of Monte Carlo
Jazz Is the Move
In My Power
Chez Clerambault
Rat Pack
Walk With Love
Hot Little Harp
Fear Is My Business
Back From Where I Started

Lala 2.0 review

De-Phazz, the lounge founder

The absolute majority of lounge music fans will agree that the German, and then rather international project De-Phazz headed by Pit Baumgartner is the genre’s founder. De-Phazz’s debut album Detunized Gravity was released in 1997 and the producers and musicians have recorded quite a number of successful albums. Mixing artfully down-tempo jazz, drum’n’bass, trip-hop, soul and Latina, constantly inviting new vocalists Baumgartner knows well how to please the audience tired of noisy and monotonous pop trends and rock’s heaviness. Naturally this music is especially appropriate in night clubs’ chill out zones for its so soft and careless that a person can restore one’s strength quickly to go back to conquer the dance floor or can relax and have a nice leisure talk. Such a record, however, is also good to have at home because it is simply irreplaceable when you need to add coziness for your dear guests. The new De-Phazz album Lala 2.0 is perfect for that as well and it is ready to give you 55 minutes of a great mood.

Stylish and different compositions on Lala 2.0

Each of Lala 2.0’s 16 compositions bears its own message, has its theme and atmosphere. The album opens with a very interesting track Just A File: at first we are offered an unimaginable sound sequence reminding of a tuning orchestra or rather simultaneous playing of different samples, as if the producers were choosing the best variants, and then the basic melody appears. The ironic song title correlates with that of the album, and the following track has a similar idea – entitled No Story it conquers with its Latina flavor. An utterly different thing is a rhythmic song Duck & Cover, though some sad notes appear on it yet one just can’t resist its amazing drums. A most beautiful flute, deep bass and a laid-back tune on a soft and stylish composition When No Words Come allows one to take a rest before the humorous Slums Of Monte Carlo, and then the winds cherish your ear again on Jazz Is The Move. Another track with disco elements and marvelous male vocals Rat Pack adds even more motion into the entire picture. Harmonica opens its new sides in combination with ‘Jamaican’ rapping on Hot Little Harp and with a mesmerizing vocal part on the disc closer Back From Where I Started.

The best atmosphere under any circumstances

How one should call the songs that are perfect in their structure but are not connected with each other thematically and in fact all serve just one goal – to relax? As the practice shows one should not even rack one’s brains inventing a sophisticated title that would unite all of them. On the contrary naming them simply Lala and adding a numeral code 2.0 for charm has proved to be a far smarted step. What self-irony and honesty and at same time great means to attract the listeners both already acquainted with De-Phazz creative work and completely new ones. Therefore it is no use paying too much attention to the texts for it is better just to listen to Lala 2.0 and enjoy the splendid arrangements and vocals. This time around the vocalists are the ever-present Pat Appleton together with Karl Frierson, Barbara Lahr, Marnie Mans, Angel Jones and Sandie Wollasch. Romantic, funny, thoughtful and superficial, the songs on Lala 2.0 will refine your music collection and create the best atmosphere wherever you listen to them, under any circumstances.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (17.05.2010)
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