Studio Album by released in 2010
Foundling's tracklist:
Only the Wine
Gossamer Thread
The Old Chair
In God's Name
We Could Fall in Love Again Tonight
Holding On
When I Was in Your Heart
A New Day at Midnight
Davey Jones' Locker

Foundling review

David Gray’s least eclectic creation

The peak of David Gray’s fame – White Ladder and several other albums to follow – began 12 years ago, and some believe that the singer has been copying himself as of late and is unable to create anything that vivid and impressive as his breakthrough album. As for Gray himself he is interested only in music just as almost 20 years ago when he started recording his songs with a modest accompaniment of guitar and piano. He has come to contemporary computer programs today and combines them masterfully with live instruments creating great arrangements by himself not taking into account his band of musicians. Last year a great record Draw the Line was released to please not only with sincere lyrics but also with the participation of two female singers, and this year David is already here to present its continuation – his ninth studio LP Foundling. Gray considers this album to be his most private and less eclectic creation on which the main stake is made at his feelings and lyrics instead of contagious beats – another interesting and risky move.

Maximum of introspection in lyrics on Foundling

It is unnecessary to remind that each David Gray’s album is a story of his personal feelings, relationships, his thoughts about the world and destiny, unveiled by means of simple life situations described in the songs. Yet David has gone maximum deep into himself, into his personality on Foundling, and it is his own behavior that he is analyzing on songs about relationships. That is why these songs have extremely simple arrangements allowing the voice play the leading role. Of course the interesting percussion, melodious guitars, including those acoustic, piano and various effects have not disappeared but the extent of their presence is notably decreased. A great example in this respect is the title composition: unusual folk-flavored drums and guitars serve only a background for story-telling. A slow track The Old Chair makes one think of the simple human life while We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight proves to be the most romantic moment on the album refined with amazing brass. One of the most melancholic numbers is Davey Jones' Locker, offering a splendid though almost primitive tune and high sensual notes in Gray’s vocals. One of David’s best pieces is definitely the album’s closer A Moment Changes Everything – lyrics deserving praise, strong positive emotions and endless optimism.

A realistic life depiction by means of hints and slight traits

David Gray’s initial plan was to re-release the album Draw The Line, which would include previously unreleased B-sides and some songs that were recorded but did not make it to the previous record. The singer also had a number of new ideas at that time which were numerous enough for the entire album. This is the story of Foundling consisting of 19 marvelous tracks each of which is a small story of how David sees life and what he thinks of his own life and fate. Yes, this album is as melodious, soulful and sincere as Gray’s discography on the whole, he has not really invented anything absolutely new. Nevertheless, the musician keeps expressing himself and a great deal of listeners recognizes themselves in his songs because of his realistic life depiction by means of hints, slight traits, episodic descriptions. Perhaps Gray is not that popular as he was at the very beginning of the new millennium but his songs are still good, they can put one in good spirits reminding of the most romantic and pleasant life moments or make one meditate.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (25.08.2010)
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