Studio Album by released in 2006
Daughtry's tracklist:
It's Not Over
Used To
Over You
Feels Like Tonight
What I Want (feat. Slash)
There and Back Again
All These Lives
What About Now

Daughtry review

Incredible success of a debut album

Though the album Daughtry from the band with the same name or, rather from the talented and already popular American performer Chris Daughtry is a debut one, it unlike many other debut albums became one of the most expected and even essential. A case of an outstanding character, such a success is an obvious sign of a future big star. It is well known that Daughtry achieved his popularity as a participant of American Idol show, where he proved all his talents claiming himself to be a rock performer. It was a good position as Daughtry's explosive voice was looking pretty original against his more pop oriented rivals. In the end Daughtry won the fourth place and acquired a nation wide success among rock music lovers. After gathering a fan base, big enough to become a new star, he, what is quite natural of him, decided to go down to his solo career. As a result we have a solid, full-fledged album of near metal songs, where Daughtry tried his best to show his performing and songwriting skills. The responsibility for the sound was taken by Producer Howard Benson who has previously worked with My Chemical Romance and All-American Rejects, and mix artist Chris Lord-Alge whose clients were Dave Matthews Band, Green Day and P.O.D. To strengthen the effect the album is marked with Slash collaboration, who has played some solos on one of the tracks.

Daughtry offers simple but interesting songs

Daughtry succeeded quite well in attaining his aim. The sound, design, lyrics – everything in this album meets the custom quality requirements of rock industry. There are no innovative ideas here but as an album of nowadays classic pop-heavy-rock style it is competitive enough. It worth mentioning that Daughtry was not intended for public of exquisite taste who often feel exhausted with musical cliché, but for common people who like radio and don't mind voting in American Idol show. And while the majority of album's tracks are extremely close to universally accepted standards they have all chances to become popular hits. This particularly concerns the very first track Its Not Over which has a very interesting and catchy chorus, or What I Want with Slash's solo arrangements. The most rocking and best song on the album comes on There And Back Again. It features a two note bass riff that, while incredibly simple, is pretty catchy. The song picks up the tempo a bit from the rest of the album. Daughtry ends with a bittersweet ballad What About Now featuring piano. It presents a nice representation of the album's end. Daughtry takes his last note and holds it while guitars slowly fade away living his voice all alone.

Daughtry's vocal is the Daughtry's basis

Release of debut album Daughtry caused a whole lot of disputes concerning its musical advantagesdisadvantages and Chris Daughtry's songwriting abilities. While common listeners and Daughtry's fans were ready to kill for their favorite singer, critics and reviewers were taking mostly negative position. And of course each side was giving their just arguments. Taking this into consideration it possible to say such a conclusion: though Daughtry is not an album sparkling with originality, it has a material which is interesting for a listener because it offers simple, comprehensible and what is most important good songs. Riffs, sound, arrangements – by the highest standards this are background comprising things. The supreme is the song, its idea and the way it was sang. And that fact that Chris Daughtry has no problems with vocals is undeniable. Any album's song demonstrates a wide range of his voice's potential that even American Idol show couldn't expose. Chris Daughtry is definitely a rock singer and this is his voice that makes this album sound bright.

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