Dusk and Summer

Studio Album by released in 2006
Dusk and Summer's tracklist:
Don't Wait
Reason to Believe
The Secret's in the Telling
Rooftops and Invitations
So Long, So Long
Slow Decay
Dusk and Summer
Heaven Here

Dusk and Summer review

Dusk And Summer – a beautifully soulful and romantic album

The alternative rock band Dashboard Confessional, coming from Boca Raton, Florida, USA comprises the front singer and songwriter Christopher Carrabba, guitarist and keyboards player John Lefler, bassist Scott Schoenbeck and drummer Mike Marsh. Chris Carrabba began as a solo artist with the release of The Swiss Army Romance, later he fronted other rock bands such as Further Seems Forever and the Vacant Andies. Dusk And Summer is the band’s fourth studio album, the last A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar being released in the 2003, however, it failed to become a platinum one. Dashboard Confessional’s fans have been waiting for the band’s new creation long enough and they are not going to be disappointed with Dusk And Summer. Christopher Carrabba’s vocals sound here more mature and the evolution of his talent is just amazing. The album is full of emotional anthems and slow sad ballads about fading nights, ending of the beautiful days spent together with the singer’s beloved, lost chances and the dream of the soonest possible reunion. The record lasts only around forty minutes but each song is a complete though short love story, which you are going to live through listening to Dusk And Summer, a beautifully soulful and romantic album.

Dusk And Summer awakens your deepest emotions

From the very first song Don’t Wait Chris Carrabba amazes with his powerful high tone vocals, which enable him to cope with the most sophisticated melodies. To follow this there are tracks Reason To Believe with most wonderful guitar stringing in the beginning and a more slow Secret's In The Telling, a bit melancholic track. The ballad Stolen is one of the best songs of Dusk And Summer, here the front singer’s vocal sound more touching than ever. The next song Rooftops And Invitations is a great classic rock, while So Long, So Long is another outstanding track of the record having an incomparable melody and Chris Carrabba’s vocals are just amazing especially in chorus. Besides he performs this song with Adam Durritz of Counting Crows and the collaboration of their voices is fabulous. Currents is a slow but impressive track with brilliant musical arrangement, and the one right after it Slow Decay is the heaviest rock number on the album, powerful and emotionalizing. The title song Dusk And Summer is a quintessence of all Dashboard Confessional’s thoughts and themes, a beautiful and heart-piercing love story ending with a tedious waiting of further reunion. The final Heaven Here is a hopeful song filling you with a desire to experience the same passion as Chris Carrabba feels to his love. The whole Dusk And Summer awakens your deepest emotions, which you thought would never appear again.

Dashboard Confessional has risen to the upper level

Dashboard Confessional is a comparatively young band but it has already found its place among numerous rockers. Their songs can be included into any romantic film’s soundtrack as it has happened to Chris Carrabba’s early song Vindicated, which can be heard in Spider-Man 2. Even apart of their vivid imagery the tracks on Dusk And Summer are so deeply touching and romantic that they can suit anywhere this summer and make the place a scene for the most dramatic events. Later they are going to remind you of your wonderful summer during the whole year and keep your memories so fresh you would think that all happened just yesterday. As for Dashboard Confessional itself it has evidently risen to the upper level for neither Carrabba’s vocals nor the musicians playing has never sounded better than on Dusk And Summer. The guys have emphasized the mixture of acoustic guitars with amps and keyboards and this has resulted in a new terrific effect. So whenever you feel like dreaming of a new romance or enjoy your most pleasant reminiscences Dashboard Confessional are at your service for creating the necessary atmosphere. Dusk And Summer is an absolute hit of this summer for only this record can turn your vacation into the most passionate romance you have seen before only in movies and always dreamt to have.

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