Mr. Lucky

Studio Album by released in 2009
Mr. Lucky's tracklist:
Cheater's Town
We Let Her Down
We Let Her Down
You Don't Cry Like I Do
We've Got Tomorrow
Breaking Apart (feat. Trisha Yearwood)
Baby Baby
Mr. Lonely Man
I Lose My Heart (feat. Michelle Branch)
Summer Holiday
Best I Ever Had
We Lost Our Way
Very Pretty Girl
Take My Heart
Big Wide Wonderful World

Mr. Lucky review

Chris Isaak, an artist of many interests

Acknowledged one of the sexiest artist the American rock singer Chris Isaak is famous all over the world first of all due to his 1989’s hit Wicked Game which became super popular in early 1990s. Yet little know that he is an artist of many interests. Besides recording albums Isaak also made his own TV show The Chris Isaak Show which was shown from 2001 to 2004 and acted in several films including David Lynch’s cult feature film Wild At Heart and the famous thriller The Silence Of The Lambs and also wrote soundtracks for films and TV programs. Releasing a number of successful albums Chris had not pleased the audience with some real hits that could outshine Wicked Game for a long time. This year, seven years after the last new material collection the artist releases his new creation Mr. Lucky that has all the chances to become one of the best in his discography. The record is made in Chris Isaak’s favorite style: his trademark electro guitar can be heard on all the songs among which there are both soft love ballads and faerie danceable compositions.

The structure of Mr. Lucky is rather simple

The album Mr. Lucky is not too long – less than 50 minutes – and consists of 14 quite short compositions each of which tells its own love story. The surprise here is two duets: a slow breakup anthem Breaking Apart with Trisha Yearwood and a mid-tempo composition about an unfinished romance with Michelle Branch. On the whole the album’s structure is rather simple: at the beginning Chris performs calm lyrical songs and in the second half turns to joyful up-tempo tracks. The record opener, amazingly beautiful Cheater's Town is refined with some country and blues elements, excellent guitar work and Isaak’s eternally sensual vocals. A nice mid-tempo song We Let Her Down pleases with a memorable tune and the lyrics filled with repent while the track You Don't Cry Like I Do is remarkable for the most harmonious sounding of an orchestra accompaniment and the vocals performing a harrowing rebuff of the protagonist whose heart is broken. Unlike it the song We've Got Tomorrow, once again close to country music is full of a happy hope and its instrumental background features contagious tubes. The first of the danceable rock songs here is Mr. Lonely Man, ironic and lively it is definitely one of the album’s highlights. на определенно стала одним из ярчайших моментов альбома. Echoing it the track Best I Ever Had pleases with a memorable chorus, successful arrangement and the lyrics serving the best love confession. A mid-tempo composition We Lost Our Way proves to be the most philosophic piece on the record, Take My Heart is the most easy-going and the closer is a blues number splendid in all ways Big Wide Wonderful World.

An expressed sensuality, gentleness and sincerity

Recently it has become known that Chris Isaak is going to launch his new show so the fans will once again have an opportunity to admire their idol. In a certain sense the album Mr. Lucky can be considered as the music accompaniment fro the new program’s beginning although there have sounded no official statements of the kind anywhere. In any case the record is undoubtedly good as it is. The first thing one can notice already after listening to the opener Cheater's Town is that the Chris Isaak’s vocals have not changed much with the years: an expressed sensuality still sounds in it to say nothing of gentleness and sincerity and he still easily takes the highest notes. Dynamic songs follow slow compositions on На Mr. Lucky which creates an interesting contrast and allows the singer to demonstrate all his best skills that become more polish with every new album. On the whole it is no use expecting a sensation from Chris Isaak’s new work for this is simply a collection of great songs the major part of which can well pretend to be called hits.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (06.03.2009)
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