American artist Cee Lo Green (real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway), the member of such groups as Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley, was born in 1974 in Atlanta. Cee Lo Green has been close with music since the very childhood, and as far as his parents were ministers, he began singing in the church choir. The performer’s father died when Thomas was two years old, and his mother passed away when Cee Lo Green was eighteen. Of course these tragical events influenced the musician’s development and that was echoed in his creativity.

In 1991, Cee Lo Green became one of the founders of the band Goodie Mob that was acknowledged and respected by numerous listeners. Their debut long play Soul Food saw the light in 1995 and it immediately attracted music lovers’ attention to the ambitious and talented band. During the recording of World Party in 1999 Cee Lo Green decided to try his luck in solo career. However the group kept on performing under the same name; their following album got quite the ironical title One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (2004). Nevertheless in 2005 the musicians gave the interview and let everyone know about their good relationships and - which is extremely important – about the continuing joint work. The fans were really happy to find out that Goodie Mob was preparing the new record.

A very interesting duo Gnarls Barkley, consisting of Cee Lo Green and Brian Joseph Burton, better known under the pseudonym Danger Mouse, was formed in 2006. Their very first long play was extremely successful - St. Elsewhere (2006) was certified Platinum, while the single Crazy became a real hit. Two years later the release of the second studio attempt titled The Odd Couple (2008) took place. It proved to be as original as its predecessor and it completely satisfied the fans’ expectations.

In spite of all the numerous projects and groups, Cee Lo Green always had enough strength to create the solo works. Thus, in 2002 the artist issued his first experimental long play titled Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections. Two years later Cee Lo Green’s discography was enlarged by the album Cee-Lo Green... Is The Soul Machine (2004), which became a great example of mix of styles. The music lovers had to wait for the following album for two years. That was the time needed by Cee-Lo Green to create The Lady Killer (2010). Traditionally strong record in the artist’s easy recognizable style was enjoyed by his old fans and also by all the connoisseurs of original and sincere music. Cee Lo Green proved that he can create in any direction, without any limits, and The Lady Killer proves that perfectly and stands for the fact that the musician is not going to quit searching for new sound and new edges of his creativity.

Studio Albums

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  • Pop Soul
  • Neo-Soul
  • Southern Hip Hop