Studio Album by released in 2012
Sun's tracklist:
Always On My Own
Real Life
Human Being
Silent Machine
Nothin But Time
Peace And Love

Sun review

Cat Power: minimalism at its finest

It happens that the place determines a person’s path and future development. Not always, of course, but still, it is impossible to ignore such a tendency. New-York, for example, is a huge city of huge opportunities, where everybody can self-express easily and look for personal spots to contact the universe. When Charlyn Marshall, who later became well-known performing under a pseudonym Cat Power moved to stone jungles of New-York, she was fascinated by musical life of megapolis in no time. Small cozy clubs, an incredible variety of genres – it is impossible not to fall in love with underground side of New-York. Cat Power’s first shows, as the artist describes them, were pretty much improvisations. Well, it seems that all these experiments turned out to be successful. In the year 1995 the singer’s debut record titled Dear Sir was very well received by the audience. Interesting, but at that very moment Cat Power already had enough material for the second album, but continuation of Dear Sir saw the light two years later only. Since that time the artist pleased her fans with fresh album every with two or three years intervals, which means that her discography now consists of eight amazing albums. In 2012 Cat Power’s brand new record with a laconic title Sun was issued.

New edges of minimalism on Sun

The artist started working on Sun back in 2007, in her personal recording studio. Later, due to some circumstances, the process was interrupted several times, and it was finally finished in 2012. Well, Cat Power’s fans got the long-awaited album and a priceless opportunity to enjoy the performer’s new compositions. The opening act for Sun is a melodic song Cherokee with a truly pleasant arrangement. The first place is taken by Cat Power’s voice, which is great, after all: every single year the singer gets more and more innovative in writing vocal parts. Probably, it is the voice’s business to create that outstanding melodiousness. The long play’s title song Sun keeps on creating the calm atmosphere, while the following track Ruin, for example, is the way distant from its predecessors. This one is more vivacious, and it can serve as a dance song as well. Sure, it is not a conqueror of dance floors, but Cat Power hardly planned to make her creations in order to do that. One can feel almost bluesy sadness in a song Human Being, where the guitar plays the leading role. That very instrument has always been the most important for Cat Power, and her songs let us all make sure once again that it is incredibly universal in use. If you like to feel the atmosphere in a full volume, check out the massive composition called Nothin But Time. For some people it may seem even a little bit hard for perception. However, everyone should decide it individually.

Magic of indie-rock

Indie-rock scene nowadays is overcrowded as it has never been before. Many performers are striving for that genre as it gives an incredible freedom of actions. Cat Power is no doubt one of the brightest and most distinctive representatives of that musical direction. She established an unquestionable reputation of an artist, who cares about her creativity, first of all. Thereby that is why Cat Power’s albums are always so impressive due to their sincerity and spontaneity. This very record, Sun, has a very long history. Charlyn started working on it in the USA, but she completed it in France. It took her almost five years to finish the long play – should we mention a fact that listeners have been waiting for Sun for really long time? All in all Sun proved to become a great addition to Cat Power’s discography. Time will show which album will be chosen as the best by her faithful fans, while now it is possible to state that in 2012 indie-rock scene was shaken by a loud event. If you appreciate original music, you will not skip that marvelous album.

Danil Chernovalov (06.08.2012)
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