Casey Abrams

Studio Album by released in 2012
Casey Abrams's tracklist:
Simple Life
Get Out
Great Bright Morning
Blame It On Me
Wore Out My Soul
Stuck In London
Midnight Girl
A Boy Can Dream
Dry Spell
Hit The Road Jack (Feat. Haley Reinhart)

Casey Abrams review

Another idol coming along?

Casey Abrams is another debut record which, according to the widespread rule, was named after its maker. Casey is a new product or a new star (you decide which suits you best) of the talent-seeking and hero-making American Idol show. This young man managed to get spotted with the help of a number factors, including his prominent performing abilities, charisma, so strictly required by suchlike events, and to some extent , his white skin, which must have been considered in the light of total domination of Afro-Americans on the national music scene. No doubt, the audience and the jury were also charmed by the musician’s choice in favor of jazz and blues music. The success on this forum automatically gave Casey everything necessary to start a career, i.e. a good contract with a good label. Casey got down to business right off and shortly presented a debut record called Casey Abrams, beginning a story looking so similar to most stories of young musicians.

Why the pop prefix?

On his album honoring his name, Casey Abrams offered what the TV spectators and the jury of his triumphant show loved him for. His own self. The guy whose face seems to never part with a sincere and kind smile did not let a single sad note in his album and proclaimed a fest of life on each of its tracks. As a coauthor of almost all the songs here, he gave the record a mild and light sounding backed up with optimistic lyrics. This atmosphere is also helped by his high-pitched, still youth, vocals, void of weariness, disappointment and other negative emotions so often shared by older performers. The concept of the whole album is briefly and comprehensively express in the opener’s title, Simple Life, requiring no translation skills to understand. The effortlessness with which this material is perceived is the main reason why many would have to call it folk and jazz, but add the less attractive pop prefix. Indeed, sweet tunes, pleasant voice and simple, yet winning, arrangements give many Casey Abrams tracks a chance to be radio favorites.

Pluses too big to worry about small minuses

Casey Abrams is not the only young performer who dedicated himself to making modern interpretations of jazz and folk traditions. However, one is hardly likely to find another fresher working in these genres who could play so well several instruments. Casey displays great skills in working with drums, bass, double bass, acoustic guitar and piano, which is illustrated best by Dry Spell. Thank to his rhythm-section, the cover of classic Hit The Road, Jack sounds totally different, thick and groovy. Keeping in mind that listeners need variety, Casey offers not only powerful Blame It On Me, and Get Out, looking to be hits, but also soft acoustic ballad Great Bright Midnight, which fits the set owing to the contrast with the rest of the tracks. Casey Abrams’ audacity, talent and honesty make up for his rare silliness in lyrics, like a line about eating mango on a mango tree in Stuck In London. On the other hand, it could be seen as another detail to his image of a new day hippy. After all, this is what he is, a carefree, slightly naпve, yet a very friendly young man, performing on the debut album that deserves all the praise.

Alex Bartholomew (09.07.2012)
Rate review3.10
Total votes - 10

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