Carrie Underwood


Carrie Marie Underwood was born and grew up in a small town of Checotah (Oklahoma), in the USA. In her childhood she sang in the local church choir, took part in many local events and festivals. Giving much attention to singing, Carrie started playing the piano and the guitar. At the age of 13 she deliberately refused from eating beef. After finishing the high school Carrie entered the Northeastern State College, studying mass communication there with the emphasis on broadcasting journalism. In spite of hard studies Underwood did not leave her love of singing. A short time before graduating Carrie heard of the American Idol 2005 season audition taking place in St. Luis. Carrie rushed there and entered the final dosen. One of the judges said that this girl would win the fourth season and outdo all the previous American Idol winners. These words proved to be oracular.

Using the songs of such stars as Elvis Presley, Shania Twain, Rascal Flatts and Carrie's favourite country singer Martina McBride Underwood confidently won the competition, managing to finish her college study at the same time. She immediately got down to the debut work, already having such country hits as Inside Your Heaven and Some Hearts. Later in the fall of 2005 Carrie released the lead single of her debut album, Some Hearts, - Jesus, Take The Wheel. The single headed the USA Country Charts for six weeks. By that time Underwood moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Some Hearts saw light in early November, 2005. The success of this wonderful country pop album lasted to 2006, bringing the artist a handful of respectable prizes. After the release of Carrie's next breakthrough song, Before He Cheats, the singer got 5 Billboard Music Awards, including Album Of The Year and Female Country Artist. Some Hearts by that time was sertified six times platinum.

In late 2006 Underwood took part in an entertaining Christmas tour for American troops in Iraq, supporting the brave musical tradition established by Bob Hope. Early in 2007 Carrie started working on her new studio attempt, at the same time making the dramatical ballad Wasted the new single from the celebrited debut album. In April Carrie took part in the show Idol Gives Back by the American Idol with an acoustic cover on I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders. She continued gathering awards, this time receiving two Grammies and the title of The World's Sexiest Vegeterian by PETA, animal protecting organization (Carrie got this title for the first time in 2005, sitting on the pedestal with the Coldplay leader). In late October 2007 the public was welcomed to cheer Underwood's new edition Carnival Ride. Musically it representes a high quality contemporary country, having a slighter though still noticeable slunt into pop in comparison to the previous work. By all means, the album will be surely adored by all Carrie's fans uninanimously. Besides, Carnival Ride features a number of strong and sencere love ballads that will be appreciated by a wide range auditory. In 2009 Carrie’s new studio work titled Play On was released. The singer presented bright and at the same time very different compositions on that album. Good mood and positive emotions are included.

Studio Albums

Carrie Underwood, My Savior mp3My Savior
  • Contemporary Country
  • Country Pop
  • Country Gospel
Carrie Underwood, My Gift mp3My Gift
  • Country Pop
Carrie Underwood, Storyteller mp3Storyteller
  • Contemporary Country
  • Country Pop
Carrie Underwood, Blown Away mp3Blown Away
  • Contemporary Country
Carrie Underwood, Play On mp3Play On
Carrie Underwood's fans have been anticipating the third work, which is a wonderful album Play On released this November and fully justifying their best hopes
  • Contemporary Country
  • Country Pop
Carrie Underwood, Carnival Ride mp3Carnival Ride
This time Carrie Underwood has taken a more active part in songwriting than when working on her first album, so Carnival Ride has become a more personal creation for her and is sure to outshine its predecessor's success
  • Country Pop
Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts mp3Some Hearts
  • Pop
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Country
  • Country Pop


Carrie Underwood, Cry Pretty mp3Cry Pretty
  • Pop Rock
  • Contemporary Country
  • Country Pop