Comme si de rien n'etait

Studio Album by released in 2008
Comme si de rien n'etait's tracklist:
Ma jeunesse
La possibilite d'une ile
Tu es ma came
Salut marin
Ta tienne
Peche d'envie
You Belong to Me
Le temps perdu
Deranger les pierres
Je suis une enfant
Notre grand amour est mort
Il vecchio e il bambino

Comme si de rien n'etait review

La femme fatale from the fashion world

Carla Bruni became a world celebrity in 90's of the XX century not only for her brilliant career of a model, but also for the breath-keeping romances with the big celebrity men. Thus, it is a firm fact that the Italian-born beauty broke the long-time marriage of Mick Jagger and American supermodel and actress Jerry Hall. However, the rich inheritor of her prosperous parents, Carla Bruni did not hurry to marry and become a family woman as many other models did. After her departure from the podium, she went in for music. It was a sensation that Carla proved to be not only the gorgeous Southern beauty, but also a talented author-songwriter. In 2002, her debut Quelqu'un M'a Dit became a hit in all the French-speaking countries, while the album No Promises in English strengthened her position on the pop scene and enlarged Carla's audience. Soon after that, the artist's freedom of engagement appeared to be the useful thing - she became the beloved of the President of France, Nicolas Sarcozy. The passionate relations of the pair were scrupulously described in the press, as usually, especially their travel to Egypt. It seemed like the romance was doomed from the beginning… But Carla made a big surprise to everyone - in early 2008, she became the third wife of Sarcozy and the First Lady of France. In the summer of the same year, the artist stopped preserving her second citizenship in Italy, which only proved the seriousness of her intentions. A little later, Bruni released her third album Comme Si De Rien N'Etait.

Elaborated arrangements and the atmosphere of the passionate romance

On the new album Comme Si De Rien N'Etait, Carla Bruni progressed as the vocalist and composer, while her arrangements became more elaborated and delicate than on the previous releases. Besides, her music moved more to the pop genre from the classical French chanson. The album opener Ma Jeunesse, fulfilled in the style of baroque-pop, and Le Temps Perdu have the most mainstream tunes on the disc. The charming melody Je Suis Une Enfant can boast of a slant to the retro-pop - this playful track about Carla's still being a child at the bottom of her heart, could have been performed in a French café by some past years famous chanson singer. The song Notre Grand Amour Est Mort about the end of love affair became the low-tempo bluesy decoration of the album. The fiery track Tu Es Ma Came became the real triumph of Carla as the lyricist - in the lines of this wonderful ballad, she compares her beloved with different drugs. The memorable folk-tune L'Antilope makes it clear for the listeners, how difficult the singer felt during the last events of her life and was uncertain about her future, feeling like a caught in a trap wild animal. The cover for Bob Dylan's folk-hit You Belong To Me became the only song in English on Comme Si De Rien N'Etait, while the album closer Il Vecchio E Il Bambino is the only thing in Italian, No doubt, the last song became the dedication to Bruni's Italian roots.

The musical confessions of the First Lady

There were many who skeptically looked at Carla's wish to go in for music after her modeling career was finished. It was a mistakable decision, as Bruni is the daughter of a famous pianist and an acknowledged composer and she got the sense for music with the mother's milk in both direct and indirect meanings of this expression. It is predictable that neither the scandalous past of the artist n or the lack of experience damaged her debut's success. Carla produced the disc Comme Si De Rien N'Etait with the notion that it would be the center of attention - as it is not simply the album by the former supermodel, known all over the world, but also the work by the current First Lady of France. The passionate passages and lyrical confessions on Comme Si De Rien N'Etait were inspired by no less than the President of France, Nicolas Sarcozy. In the lyrics of this long-play, you will not find even the lightest shadow of regret for the eventful past years of brave statements, which were Bruni's visit card. However, you will see the pride of a mature woman, who fully realizes the duties that lay on her shoulders. Soon after the wedding ceremony, the artist started fulfilling the role of the First Lady, accompanying her husband during the official visits - including the one in the United Kingdom, and took the title of princess-consort of Andorra. However, the title of her new creation Comme Si De Rien N'Etait - "As If Nothing Has Happened" shows that for Bruni nothing has changed and she sings with delight about the things she cares for - which means that she openly and sincerely sings about her love - even if it is love for Nicolas Sarcosy.

Ninelle Kazakoff (08.08.2008)
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