The Big Bang

Studio Album by released in 2006
The Big Bang's tracklist:
Get You Some (feat. Q-Tip & Marsha)
Touch It
How We Do It Over Here (feat. Missy Elliott)
New York Shit (feat. Swizz Beatz)
Been Through the Storm (feat. Stevie Wonder)
In the Ghetto (feat. Rick James)
Cocaina (feat. Marsha)
You Can't Hold the Torch (feat. Q-Tip & Chauncey Black)
Goldmine (feat. Raekwon)
I Love My Bitch (feat. Kelis &
Don't Get Carried Away (feat. Nas)
They're Out to Get Me (feat. Mr. Porter)
Get Down
I'll Do It All (feat. LaToiya Williams)
Legend of the Fall Offs

The Big Bang review

The Big Bang is a more progressive album

After a 4-year break the New-York’s rap headman has finally presented the audience with his new album, The Big Bang. It Ain’t Safe No More, Busta Rhymes’ previous album, including the top hit I Know What You Want featuring Mariah Carey, the legendary pop-diva, has not been an expected success. There have been some significant changes in Busta’s life since: he changed the image by cutting off his famous dreads and signed to Dr. Dre’s label Aftermath Entertainment. The Big Bang is the Brooklyn rapper’s seventh solo album and first under the new label. The first thing one can notice without even listening to the CD but just looking the track list through is the great number of guest pop and hip-hop stars featuring 70 per cent of Busta Rhymes’ songs. He must be a real rap king since such hip-hop icons as Missy Elliott, Kelis and Latoya Jackson, to say nothing of a real pop veteran Stevie Wonder, have agreed to postpone all their affairs of primary importance and come to join Busta Rhymes in recording the new album. The executive producers are Dr. Dre and Busta himself, which adds greatly to the album’s promotion. The Big Bang is a more progressive, up-to-date and stylish album having a variety of melodies and voices.

Busta Rhymes has changed for the better

The Big Bang changes our idea of hip-hop and presents a new style which is quite soft but far from innocent. The album opener Get You Some with Q-Tip is an introductory track immediately providing you with a clear understanding that Busta Rhymes has changed for the better. The following already famous single Touch It with Swizz Beatz is an outstandingly powerful track with a spicy chorus. Yet the third track How We Do It Over Here is sure to make you glad on hearing so familiar Missy Elliott’s beat and then her brilliant duet with Busta Rhymes. Though his texts are quite aggressive at times the rapper has turned to a specific gentle sound of most of his songs. The most rhythmically defined are I Love My Bitch featuring Kelis and from Black Eyed Peas and Been Through The Storm refined by Stevie Wonder’s incomparable voice. In such tracks as New York Shit, Get Down recorded with Timbaland and In the Ghetto featuring Rick James Busta Rhymes makes it clear to everybody that he is well aware of his high status and can get anything he wants. I’ll Do It All featuring Latoya Jackson is a smooth and relaxing club track while the album’s closer Legend of the Fall Offs concludes in Busta Rhyme’s claiming his firm position in life.

Busta Rhymes has retained his singular charisma

Whichever way his songs sound Busta Rhymes never loses his hardened attitude to life for he is a mature and experienced rapper. He proclaims himself as a man of a great sex appeal and the master of all New York parties but he does it indirectly, without any boasting, through the general slant of the album’s songs. His pleasant velvet voice sometimes reduces to whisper and then all of a sudden he raises it on to a more emotional level and after it he may go further back to the delicate rapping. Although Busta Rhymes has changed his appearance a bit he has not only retained his singular charisma but even obtained some new traits unnoticed before. However his major plus is the unique ability to cooperate with others. This speaks for his great patience and ability to come to understanding with the most capricious and hot-tempered people as the stars usually are. Only due to these qualities Busta Rhymes has recorded The Big Bang – a wonderful record listening to which one can enjoy Busta Rhymes’ magnificent quality of voice either contrasting or harmoniously combining with other voices. The variety of melodies leaves no doubt of his talent and the growing number of young R&B stars promises that more co-productions can be expected from this Brooklyn rap king.

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