Bullet for My Valentine


Welsh rock band Bullet For My Valentine was formed in late nineties. Initially it was called Jeff Killed John and the nu metal was chosen as the main direction of creativity. During that period musicians recorded six compositions, however they were never released. Later two songs were reworked and became the part of Bullet For My Valentine’s arsenal. Thus, Eye Spy was changed and included into the band’s debut album as Hit The Floor. The period of Jeff Killed John did not last long: the group was renamed into Bullet For My Valentine, and the very style was pretty much altered. The rockers performed a lot and gained the popularity, trying to attract the record labels’ attention. Of course they succeeded in it and soon Bullet For My Valentine signed the contract with Sony BMG.

The musicians’ debut studio work The Poison was issued in 2005. Numerous experts acclaimed that record, while fans got such strong and catchy songs as All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) and Tears Don't Fall. In 2006 the musical magazine Metal Hammer entitled Bullet For My Valentine the Best British Band, and that fact proved the highest level of the group’s material. The release of the long awaited second long play Scream Aim Fire took place in 2008. The fans’ expectations were satisfied completely: the musicians remained faithful to their style and pleased the listeners with powerful compositions, including Hearts Burst Into Fire, Deliver Us From Evil and many others.

Bullet For My Valentine’s discography was enlarged by their new album Fever in 2010. The rockers presented fresh sound, but still, it turned out to be extremely recognizable. The band managed to find its unique style, which is able to demonstrate the real kaleidoscope of emotions. Fever is definitely the new step in Bullet For My Valentine’s creativity, but the rockers are hardly going to stop the self-improvement. There is no doubt that all their albums became the bright events in the world of heavy music and these records will be interesting for all the lovers of that genre.

Studio Albums

Bullet for My Valentine, Bullet for My Valentine mp3Bullet for My Valentine
  • Groove Metal
  • Melodic Metalcore
Bullet for My Valentine, Gravity mp3Gravity
  • Alternative Metal
  • Melodic Metalcore
  • Post-Hardcore
Bullet for My Valentine, Venom mp3Venom
  • Heavy Metal
  • Melodic Metalcore
  • Thrash Metal
Bullet for My Valentine, Temper Temper mp3Temper Temper
  • Alternative Metal
  • Melodic Metalcore
Bullet for My Valentine, Fever mp3Fever
The general body of Bullet For My Valentine's new album Fever consists of heavy, impetuous, vigorous compositions telling about solitude, the seamy side of human relations, the bitterness of life
  • Melodic Metalcore
Bullet for My Valentine, Scream Aim Fire mp3Scream Aim Fire
Bullet For My Valentine's new album aims at the center of headbangers' audience. Scream Aim Fire is definitely a qualitative leap for this band. Their songs sound faster, heavier and what is more important more attractive than before
  • Metalcore
  • Melodic Metalcore
Bullet for My Valentine, The Poison mp3The Poison
  • Metalcore
  • Melodic Metalcore


Bullet for My Valentine, Bullet for My Valentine EP mp3Bullet for My Valentine EP
  • Melodic Metalcore