Bombay Bicycle Club


Indie-rock band Bombay Bicycle Club was formed in London in 2005. The story of that band started when fifteen years old Steadman, MacColl and Saram organized the group The Canals. The name had been constantly changed, until the musicians decided to choose Bombay Bicycle Club as the final variant. Just like the name of the band, its line-up was not settled at once. At last it became permanent after Ed Nash joined the group. Thus, the quartet was ready for the creativity, and the musicians started to perform at different gigs.

In 2006 Bombay Bicycle Club took part in the contest Road to V and they got the well-deserved victory. The group managed to attract attention, and the music magazine NME entitled it one of the brightest London bands in recent time. In 2007 Bombay Bicycle Club released the debut EP The Boy I Used To Be, which was enjoyed by many music lovers. The second EP How We Are was issued later in 2007 and it peaked at number two in British indie chart. During that period Bombay Bicycle Club started to perform a lot at different festivals, including Reading and Leeds Festivals. Playing live, the musicians proved that their music was not only original, but also energetic, and this kind of musical cocktail pleased numerous British and foreign fans.

In 2008 the members of Bombay Bicycle Club graduated from the school and that meant that they were able to spend as much time on music as they wanted. Actually, that is exactly what they did. The release of their debut studio work titled I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose took place in 2009. The name of that album the quartet found in the song After Hours by A Tribe Called Quest. That record was critically acclaimed and the music lovers enjoyed it as well.

The fans did not have to wait for a new album for a long time: Bombay Bicycle Club released their second album Flaws in 2010. The musicians presented the absolutely new sound: the whole record consists of acoustic compositions, which differ from the quartet’s previous works. The band recorded new versions of their old songs and also made some cover-versions. There is absolutely no doubt that Bombay Bicycle Club create the original music, which had already been enjoyed by the listeners all around the world. Flaws became the new step in the quartet’s creativity, and that record will please Bombay Bicycle Club’s old fans and those, who are just going to get acquainted with their music.

Studio Albums

Bombay Bicycle Club, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong mp3Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
  • Dream Pop
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
Bombay Bicycle Club, A Different Kind Of Fix mp3A Different Kind Of Fix
The third long player by the young English band Bombay Bicycle Club is an even greater illustration of their amazing talent huge desire to write most various kinds of music
  • Dream Pop
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
Bombay Bicycle Club, Flaws mp3Flaws
Bombay Bicycle Club's new record Flaws proves to be a 180 degree turn in the direction of acoustic melodies – the covers of their own and somebody else's songs. The album surprises with its lightness
    Bombay Bicycle Club, I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose mp3I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose
    The members of Bombay Bicycle Club are not even 20 years old yet at the moment of the debut album I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose, and the entire United Kingdom speaks and writes about them. Each track on the album is soulful and harmonious
    • Indie Rock
    • Post-Punk
    • Indie Electronic


    Bombay Bicycle Club, Leave It mp3Leave It
    • Indie Rock