Destroyer of the Void

Studio Album by released in 2010
Destroyer of the Void's tracklist:
Destroyer of the Void
Laughing Lover
Below the Hurricane
The Man Who Would Speak True
Love and Hate
Heaven and Earth
Dragon's Song
The Tree
Evening Star
Lover Leave Me Drowning
The Tailor

Destroyer of the Void review

Music with many faces

Masters of musical transformations, musicians of Blitzen Trapper, are happy to present their new long player, Destroyer Of The Void. Why, we are just as happy to see them do it because the Portland-based ensemble from Oregon has never been a disappointment when it came to releasing new material. The only thing you can be dead positive about before listening to their fresh CDs, is that whichever we are talking about, it is a true mixture of genres and styles. Musical trends of various schools and times are borrowed in different proportions to form a delicious audio dish. Blitzen Trapper did this job greatly on their previous full-length efforts, which became the band’s trademark. At the same time, those who have been following the ensemble’s progress long and attentively have surely noticed that gradually the musicians made their later works less eclectic and experimental. In 2008, Blitzen Trapper issued a very impressive record, Furr, that was built upon the basis of rock-n-roll and folk. Now, what is the style the band chose to make Destroyer Of The Void?

Fancy combination of styles and moods

The opening track, the eponymous Destroyer Of The Void, is a brilliant example of song that launches the album efficiently and unexpectedly. More than six minutes, this piece manages to comprise features of a number of influences and trends. You can hear futuristic effects of synths, classic rock guitars and rhythms of country. The change of tempo and shift of focus from instrument to instrument make this all sound like progressive rock. Destroyer Of The Void will be a revelation even to those who though they were ready to hear absolutely anything Blitzen Trapper could offer. Generally speaking, this track does not render the atmosphere the rest of the record creates. Most of the remaining tracks do not have complicated structures or motley musical patterns. Instead, we will have quite a simple construction out of harmonicas, acoustic guitars and piano. The spirit and performance of this music are very much similar to those of the folk of the seventies. Yet those very songs that have something extra, indeed, are the biggest things here. We are talking about the thrilling ballad The Man Who Would Speak True, pretty hard and rough rock-music piece called Love And Hate and rhythmic, semi-pop track Evening Star. However, the absolutely best song off the album is the psychedelic and insightful The Tree featuring Alela Diane.

Authentic indie-rock from Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper are the truest indie-rockers. After all, indie-rock is a kind of alternative and experimental music based on the fusing of existent styles with the addition of specific tricks characteristic of individual performers. And what is happening today to this music, in fact, goes contrary to the very spirit and idea of indie-rock. Bands do all they can to make their sound crystal clean, to stick to one and only view and concept. They stop seeking and trying something new and simply capitalize on what has already made them successful. Considering all this, Blitzen Trapper is way out for supporters of indie-rock. This outfit have been far from the desire to cease the quest, have never stopped to take a look back at their own achievements to do one more time what they already did in the past. This makes this band’s records so worthy of listening to, for each of them has something that the others do not. Destroyer Of The Void is not an exception to this rule. This is a peculiar and colorful work that has its own idea, mood and concept. If Blitzen Trapper keep writing and playing like this, they will maintain a spot in the leading group of alternative rock stage for good.

Alex Bartholomew (18.06.2010)
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