Studio Album by released in 2013
Opposites's tracklist:
Different People
Black Chandelier
Sounds Like Balloons
The Joke's On Us
A Girl and His Cat
The Fog
Little Hospitals
The Thaw
The Sand At the Core of Our Bones (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]
Stingin' Belle
Modern Magic Formula
Spanish Radio
Victory Over the Sun
Trumpet or Tap
Accident Without Emergency
Woo Woo
Picture a Knife Fight
The Land At the End of Our Toes (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]

Opposites review

Biffy Clyro are getting plainer and more accessible

Scots Biffy Clyro chose a path that long ago turned into a wide highway for a lot of performers moving in the same direction. And this is a direction from original sound towards a wider format. Authenticity and originality are, of course, great things, but what musician does not want to bring his art to masses? As a result, the band’s two latest releases broke the audience in two parts. The first category gathered those who had been listening to Biffy Clyro since the very start, still admired Vertigo Of Bliss and cursed show business. The second united listeners with less strict requirements who learned about the band not long before. The Scots focus on the latter, definitely, a much bigger group. Now seems to be a good time to point your finger at them and voice a grave verdict: the artist have sold themselves. Yet, in case with Biffy Clyro nit everything is so bad: even after softening their music to sound more like Snow Patrol or Coldplay, these lads still possess their appealing roughness, toughness and even impudence. In fact, this, and the talent, which is known for lasting forever, prevent this ensemble from being listed among mediocre performers who simply make money.

Opposites: the title paradox

The new Biffy Clyro album with a telltale title, Opposites, came out early in 2013 featuring two CDs with 78 minute worth of material. The musicians admitted that they first had wanted to release such an amount on two separate albums, but it ended the way it ended. If we trust the title, the two parts of this work must be different from each other; but only most loyal fans of the band would argue that they really are. The truth of the matter is Opposites is a set of songs executed in approximately one style, having one emotional background and the same minuses and pluses. Powerful guitar riffs, beautiful chorus and sparkling optimism with a good dose of humor are what works in the opener, Different People, and what will work on many other occasions throughout both of the CDs. These lads have long known a formula to produce sweets for those who like to enjoy themselves at a live concert, and they try to abstain from experiments. No surprise, the first track of the second part, Stingin’ Belle, can be easily put into the beginning of the first part, and nothing will change.

Those songs which are not excellent are good

It is natural that the highlights of Opposites are songs where winning vocal parts are backed up by fine guitar work. The first track to catch you with nice instrumentation is Joke’s On Us, where the intensity of electric guitars is just as impressive as another top quality chorus. Energetic A Girl And His Cat is one more big time tune from the first CD. Fog intrigues you with its hypnotically moderate and peaceful start, and then deafen with fierce guitars and various electronic effects. The second CD has the album’s arguably most uncanny track, Modern Magic Formula, the one that managed to marry quite heavy sound and pretty aggressive drumming with a very pop-styled theme. Other pleasant discoveries here are Trumpet Or Tap with some bluesy presence and very emotional singing, and lively Woo Woo with choral woo-wooing. The rest is not a bunch of fillers, but decent music material worthy of your time and attention, with probably a little lack of variety. On the other hand, pop rock never tried to stun you with stylistic innovations. This is a task for many others.

Alex Bartholomew (04.02.2013)
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