The Information

Studio Album by released in 2006
The Information's tracklist:
Elevator Music
Think I'm In Love
Cellphone's Dead
Strange Apparition
Soldier Jane
New Round
Dark Star
We Dance Alone
No Complaints
The Information
Movie Theme
The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton
Inside Out

The Information review

Beck has again outdone himself

Beсk David Campbell, known to the audience as simply Beck, is one of the most original and self-sufficient alternative rock and funk artists. Hailing from Los-Angeles, California, he has been influenced by numerous musical trends, and also by his mother’s visual art works. Beck has been always different from other people, even at school he had very little friends, and this uniqueness is clearly felt in his music. It presents an inimitable blend of various styles, ironic and often strange lyrics and most unusual instrumentation. During his career the artist has worked twice with producer Nigel Godrich, on albums Mutations and Sea Change, and this year he releases a follow-up to his last record Guero, once again with Godrich as a producer. The idea of the new album called The Information was to do a hip-hop record, and the process of recording has resulted in quite an introspective creation as well, which is characteristic of both previous works with Godrich. The Information marks Beck’s turning into a more sensitive and openhearted, and at the same time ironic and indescribable visionary, whose inner world is ciphered in the most intricate metaphors of his lyrics. As many of his fans have predicted Beck has again outdone himself and completed the trilogy of Godrich produced albums with its best constituent.

The Information is far from a regular hip-hop/rock album

Emotional, topical, lyrically and musically complicated, The Information is a new combination of funk, alternative rock, hip-hop and many other elusive styles. It opens with Elevator Music, a mid-tempo track, on which the artist’s lazy singing combines well with measured melody. Powerful bass and dynamic keyboards on Think I'm In Love add to the reflective atmosphere of the song, and the first single in the UK Cellphone’s Dead is one of the most hip-hop influenced tracks, and the one, which can be hardly understood from the first hearing. Strange Apparition is remarkable for the most complex percussion and electric arrangement; here Beck gives full swing to his high-tone vocals. The first single in North America, Nausea, enraptures right away with its great rhythm and outstanding percussion solos. Mysterious and unearthy fantastic saga Dark Star strikes with a splendid instrumentation refined by a harmonica and electronic audio effects, while No Complaints sounds as a typical easy-going Beck song about his attitude to life. The toughest track is 1000BPM, full of experimental elements and the words that the singer is simply reading aloud. An altogether rich sounding of title song The Information is seasoned with female backing vocals, whereas the aptly named Movie Theme evokes bright images of a science fiction film due to special cosmic effects. The album closes with almost 11 minute long composition The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton telling about the plans of a spaceship, finally persuading us that The Information is far from a regular hip-hop/rock album.

Tracks that only Beck could have performed

Beck’s popularity has started to grow outstandingly fast in 1990s. He got worldwide recognition after the eternal hit Loser was released and brought him the fame of a self-ironic and cynical singer, and above all this there was the aura of novelty that surrounded him. With his unique style, however, it can be hardly stated that Beck stood apart from the mainstream. On the contrary he was often mentioned alongside with hip-hop, indie, aunderground rock and electronic musicians and original bands, practicing style blending like Beastie Boys. Today the fans are pretty sure that with each new album the artist reveals more and more of his non-standard thinking. One may come across cases of mentioning distant stars, contacts with the other worlds and reaching new spiritual and astral levels more often on Beck’s latest works, and there are enough of them on The Information as well. Consisting of 15 tracks, the new album offers a wide choice of moods, topics and melodies that are going to surprise you again and again. Due to the brilliant arrangements The Information is a perfect album to enjoy listening in headphones while making a stroll, and be sure you won’t have to switch any of these unique tracks that only Beck can perform.

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