The Letter

Studio Album by released in 2010
The Letter's tracklist:
Hot 16
Kiss Goodbye
Had Enough
Body Police
Your Body Is the Business
Wake Up
That Dude
Where Did We Go
Walking on Water

The Letter review

Avant keeps singing about love

This year it has turned a decade since the release of My Thoughts, Myron Avant’s debut album, the artist is known to most people only by his last name. This R&B performer immediately conquered the audience’s love and attention due to his charisma and very soulful vocals for which he was dubbed as the new voice of ghetto soul. Avant was inspired to pursue career in music by R. Kelly works, and one cannot but feel this influence while listening to his songs. His early hits Separated and My First Love still remain the favorites of many genre’s fans, as well as the later Read My Mind and 4 Minutes. It happens because Avant’s songs are based on his personal experience and are close to absolutely everybody. This year the artist is releasing his sixth album The Letter, the first on the label Verve Forecast, to which he has been recently signed. As before Avant sings about love, but he discovers any more facets of the life’s main feeling on The Letter, tries to understand which really is the best way to treat a woman and shares his thoughts on what it means to be a man.

Very beautiful and atmospheric tracks on The Letter

The forty minutes of the album The Letter comprise eleven very beautiful and atmospheric tracks devoted to love, women, introspection and once again love. Avant has always been able to tell in a beautiful way what he thinks about the opposite sex, and one can find moments proving that on each of his creations. The examples of suchlike songs can also be found on the new record, for instance, its opener Graduated. It is a very original way to pay a woman a compliemt: Avant is supposes addressing a beautiful woman that she is a beauty and fashion expert graduated from a special women’s club. The melodious R&B-composition Hot 16 opens with a romantic telephone conversation, while one of the saddest and weepy numbers is Kiss Goodbye filled with fear to be left by his beloved. The production on Had Enough will leave nobody indifferent, the bass beat creates a great contrast with high notes in the singer’s vocals. Very contagious clapping on Nightlife will make the listener rock his or her head with the music or even dance from the very beginning, and the unobtrusive lyrics about sleepless nights will not interfere with relaxing and having some rest from troubles. Avant continues to surprise with his metaphoric compliments on Your Body Is The Business, while on Where Did We Go? he is analyzing a long-tern relationship and the passion starting to fade. The song That Dude expresses Avant’s thoughts about how important it is to accept each other entirely, with all the drawbacks, and most of men will surely agree with him on that matter. The album closer is probably the most beautiful ballad on it, Walking On Water, conquering with its tune and the graceful lyrics about the gentlest feelings.

Avant stands out from the crowd

Avant has called his album The Letter because by means of it he is telling people about what is worrying him most of all in his life at the moment, what he is reflecting on, what he is trying to understand as if he wrote them a letter. There is one particular feature of Avant’s music that is present on all of his works but it is especially noticeable on this record. It is the way his songs are sexy without practically telling anything about sex in their lyrics but hinting at it, the most of this effect being hidden in the seductive beats he is singing against. That is why his music is an obligatory part of any collection for couples’ romantic evenings, it does not matter which of his albums you choose. Then again, some tracks on The Letter prove to be especially atmospheric in this way and will definitely lead in this kind of collections. At the same time, Avant suggests that the listeners think about the complicated way human relations work, and that deserves respect for he would have surely been a success just seducing women with his songs possessing such a sensual voice as many of his contemporaries do. Luckily the album The Letter proves once again that Avant stands out from the crowd and intends to remain like this further on.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (11.01.2011)
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