Anthony Hamilton


Anthony Hamilton was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He discovered his big musical abilities when started singing in the local church choir, aged ten. In his youth years, Anthony used to perfect his skills actively performing at nightclubs and participating in numerous young talent shows. As time went by, he realized he had overdone the level of the local stage and had to move further. In 1993 Hamilton went to New York. The singer signed a contract with Uptown Records, a company specializing in hip-hop and soul. However, when the work on the first album was about to be finished, the company collapsed and the album was never released. After the end of Uptown, Hamilton moved to MCA and recorded a very proficient album, called XTC (1996). It received poor promotion and, dissatisfied with the label, Hamilton relocated to Los Angeles to cooperate with Soulife. There, he began writing songs for his own solo project and other performers.

In 2000 Hamilton was invited by D’Angelo to perform background vocals during his global Voodoo Tour. The concerts appeared a great event and left Anthony with many pleasant impressions. However, by the moment of his return, Soulife had bankrupted too. As if marked with bad luck, the artist sank into depression. He continued working hard and took part in projects of many other performers waiting for a new proposal. He demonstrated all his talent to a wide audience after singing the chorus in Po' Folks of Nappy Roots. The composition was nominated for Grammy and Hamilton was signed up with So So Def. At the beginning of Anthony’s career, the music he performed was referred to the alternative soul and was accepted reluctantly. But for the decade that Anthony had spent wandering from label to label, the public got used to this genre, which made the 2003 album Comin' From Where I'm From a very timely release. The lyrics about simple and important subjects were written in a comprehensive and beautiful language matching perfectly the music material of the record.

Hamilton and his team composed of specialist he had met during his vagabond years created a sweet sound bringing back to old good soul and supported with various instruments recorded in a modern way. This studio work became a sensation and appeared in a way a compensation for all those troubles that had been paving Hamilton’s path to fame. This inspired Anthony to maintain a highly productive activity without quality reduction. In 2005 the singer restored some of his old songs and united them into the collection called Soulife (2005) meeting acclaim and much attention. The same year, Hamilton recorded an album of new songs, Ain't Nobody Worryin'. 2007 saw the release of another high selling studio work by Hamilton, titled, Southern Comfort. By that moment, Anthony had become the leading performer of new wave soul. Remaining a hard working artist, he enlarged his discography with the new album The Point Of It All, released in 2008.

Studio Albums

Anthony Hamilton, What I'm Feelin' mp3What I'm Feelin'
  • Neo-Soul
  • CCM
Anthony Hamilton, Back To Love mp3Back To Love
Anthony Hamilton has afforded a slight deviation from his own style that he kept intact and offered on his new album, Back To Love, quite eclectic material
  • Neo-Soul
Anthony Hamilton, The Point of It All mp3The Point of It All
Anthony Hamilton, the USA neo-soul performer, known for his colorful vocals and career, full of bad luck accidents, recorded a new disc The Point Of It All. It is a surprisingly warm and cheerful album
  • Soul
Anthony Hamilton, Southern Comfort mp3Southern Comfort
There are not so many artists who have the courage to release their first records and show everyone who they've been before. But Anthony Hamilton has nothing to hide, as Southern Comfort is a reflection of his true love to music 
  • Neo-Soul
Anthony Hamilton, Ain't Nobody Worryin' mp3Ain't Nobody Worryin'
Ain't Nobody Worryin' is even more organic and individualistic than its predecessor. In fact, Hamilton has made easily one of 2005's best and most credible R&B albums without having to conform to the contemporary R&B standards of today
  • Soul
  • Neo-Soul
Anthony Hamilton, Soulife mp3Soulife
Soulife captures an artist on the precipice of long-awaited success, bringing to deserved light some beautiful compositions. Anthony Hamilton could well be the future of real soul, and there is evidence aplenty on this release that he knows his music
  • Neo-Soul
Anthony Hamilton, XTC mp3XTC


    Anthony Hamilton, Back Together (feat. Rick James) mp3Back Together (feat. Rick James)
    • Contemporary R&B
    • Neo-Soul